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Articles - Our articles page will be useful so check it out.

Better Business Bureau - Watch out for these guys for they are generally useless to defend you in any way from shoddy workmanship from their listed and non-listed members.  More than three times I have filed complaints against dishonest companies with the BBB and each time the BBB have weighed their decision against me (by ignoring the complaint when you are winning it) despite my being right and victimized by the companies.  I had to take some to court to win my case, others I took to the corporation's administration to win my case, but all cases I won, but the BBB failed to deliver on the promise to protect consumers from fraud.  They don't even perform elementary investigations regarding your complaint and do not use any established rules of evidence.  They operate like a crew of belligerent monkeys with no purpose or direction except to protect their paid BBB membership.  If you take a problem to them they will likely disappoint you and weigh in favor with the business, even when the business is clearly in the wrong.  Solution?  Don't even bother to check if a company is a member of the BBB or not for the BBB will not help you solve legitimate problems you will have with the company.  Businesses love to display that they are members of the BBB in good standing, but beware it is just another "come along" and "confidence game" to lure you in to do business with them.  Solution?  Always get a signed contract agreement when doing business with businesses.  Always use licensed contractors (if applicable such as home improvement jobs).  See Handyman and Contractors below.  The BBB now means "Better Business for Business" in my opinion.  That has been a dismal experience and justifies a consumer warning to avoid the BBB and its listed businesses.  The BBB is for business, not for you.  It is a crap shoot to file a complaint with the BBB.  Sometimes you get lucky, but don't bet on it.

Chiropractors - Beware of these unprofessional money-hungry and dangerous quacks.  Strong language, but true.  Three times I have been injured by these non-doctors creating new injuries from dislocated bones and torn muscles in areas of my body that were not a problem.  They create new injuries to keep you as a returning customer.  Another huge trick that they use is to not put the bone 100% into joint.  They put the bone in 90% so it pops back out and you have to keep coming back to them for an "adjustment".  You know this is true if you have been seeing a Chiropractor for numerous visits you are being scammed!  Remember, this is why your insurance plan has limited visits with these people because they know how these chiropractors operate.  You will always be their patient because they will never cure you, even though they can fix the dislocated joint with one adjustment.  They make sure that bone goes out of joint again, and again, and again.  They love money more than they care for you.  Do not be fooled.  They also keep you in the dark on how to get cured. They will not tell you how to be cured.  You can get a lot of valuable advice by visiting YouTube.com and researching adjustments you can do at home by people who want to see you get pain relief... and it is free.  "My Chiropractor had done wonders for me."  This is what I hear a lot, but these people do not know their Chiropractor is not healing, but keeping them coming back as a perpetual patient.  Be assured, if you have to keep going back for bone adjustments the Chiropractor is not setting the adjustment 100% into the socket, or is actually stretching a muscle so it will cramp and pull the bone out of adjustment again.  I have not yet found a honest Chiropractor.  They will take away the major pain, but not all of it and the pain returns if you do not come back with another office visit.  This will go on for years or a lifetime.  And, if a bone keeps popping out of joint or muscle is cramping Chiropractic treatment is the wrong treatment if damage to the muscle and joint is truly damaged.  Some spine nerve pinching cases can benefit from Chiropractic, but it is subject to the above as the bone will never be put back 100% to keep you coming back for more and more adjustments.  The State Chiropractic Medical Board is a horrific joke.  They will not discipline a doctor to protect the public from inury.  Go ahead, file a complaint on one and see how they will waste your time and defend the doctor to your detriment.  You have to file a law suit on the doctor and only if you win the suit will they discipline the doctor.  What sort of consumer protection is that?  Useless.  The injury takes place first and is certainly not preventive.  Here's one thing that works.  Tell the Chiropractor this, "Doctor, I know that some Chiropractors do not put the bone back into position 100%, but only put the bone in 90% so it keeps popping out of joint.  They do this to keep the patient coming back with no true cure.  I hope you do not ever do this to your patients."  The moment this conversation takes place, or in writing, you will soon be cured of your pain and misery.  That doctor knows you know what he knows and he/she fears they have been caught.  And if that does not work, try another Chiropractor right away and tell him you think your Chiropractor is not putting the bone in 100% and that new Chiropractor will cure you in just a few visits time.

Cold Virus - Don't forget to apply some hand sanitizer to your vehicle keys and the dashboard knobs and steering wheel and shifter knob.  Many people disinfect their homes and forget these vital places.  Imagine how filthy your keys are reeking with viruses and bacteria and you bring them into your home.   This advice will cut way back on the transmission of cold and other viruses.  Try it and see the improvement for yourself.  Talking about keys see our advice Lost Keys below. 

Co-sign Loan - Don't.

Consumer Advice - Consumer Reports Magazine is still the best source of information so you will buy the best car, best home appliance, best of everything.  Without the advice you are easy game to be ripped off.  Dealing with businesses listed in the Better Business Bureau helps prevent being robbed, cheated or mistreated.  It helps a lot.  Many businesses are not listed, but you can check the database at the local BBB office to see if a business has many complaints lodged against it.  Just because the business is clean does not mean it is a safe business.  It only means nobody has bothered to complain to the BBB and most people don't complain.  If the business has complaints of any sort?  Avoid them.

Consumer Alert - Check out this Web page for it has good advice against fraud, ATM cards, etc.  If you have an ATM card?  Get rid of it fast.  It is the gateway for thieves to wipe out your entire bank accounts and you won't be reimbursed by the banks.  Read the article and tell your family and friends before it is too late.  Also, if you are not protected against identity theft do so before it is too late.  Sign up for LifeLock or similar insurance protection.

Contacts List - create a file so you can access it electronically when needed no matter where you are.  It's just a page listing every important contact.  Include your vehicle VIN numbers, license plates, driver license number.  If you vehicle or wallet is stolen you will be glad you have the information and you know who to call.  That means you need to list all the credit card info and phone numbers to call too.  The list will grow as you add to it.  When you need the information it will be easily obtainable by you.  Password protect the file.

Christians - this page has lots of advice, articles and free samples.

Computer - Back up your files or you will certainly lose them from computer failures.  Important:  never compress the files, encrypt or password protect them as these schemes fail and will prevent you from accessing your back up files.  Put your back up files on an external hard disk drive and store it off site.  A good place is inside your vehicle so if you house burns down your car is outside away from the home.  ID theft is a risk due to no password protection.  If this bothers you, then put the hard disk drive in a safe deposit box in a bank.  Why no passwords or encryption of data? Because if you get ill or die nobody will be able to access your data because nobody has your passwords! Don't use tape, CD-ROM's, DVD's for backups as they scratch, warp from heat and fail.  Hard disk drive is best.  Solid state drive is better. When backing up files don't use back up software.  Do a manual file-by-file backup.  How?  Copy and paste directories one at a time to your external backup drive.  Why?  Because back up software programs fail and often won't work to replace files on a new computer.  It's okay to have more than one backup.  So, do a file-by-file and use an image backup program if you want, but remember, the file-by-file is going to remain the most reliable and will bail you out every time and you need no special software to access your computer files.  I rely on the file-by-file having learned the hard way painfully losing valuable data using other methods.  Don't use backup companies to store your data as they too can be broken into and your data stolen.

Contractors - A.  Always get a consumer advice package from your State Contractors Licensing Board.  Never, ever, ever hire a contractor with an no contractor license or an expired license.  They can actually sue you if they get hurt on your property and pay them their lost wages, healthcare, etc!  Also, you lose so many benefits if something goes wrong (which happens frequently).  This applies to hiring a handyman!  And never pay for the materials and labor prior to the job being actually being finished.  If they get your money first, they may never return.  If they are unlicensed then they are not bonded and you lose all your money! 

B.  Beware of bulletin board and  yellow page advertisers who list a license number such as, "License #A14573" because they are intentionally misleading you.  That number is not a Contractor Board License Number... it is a local Business License Number.  Big difference! The latter number has zero protection for you the consumer and the license number is being displayed in the advertising to mislead you into thinking the business is a licensed contractor by the State Contractor's Board.  If you hire one of these lying thieves you will be ripped off and there will be zero protection for you as the State Contractor's Board will not come to your assistance or refund your money or repair the damage done at no charge to you.  You can lose tens of thousands of dollars dealing with these creeps who are not Licensed Contractors.  Beware!  Always do business with Licensed Contractors and double-check their status with the State License Board to make sure.  If you sign on with a Licensed Contractor that is not a Licensed Contractor you will still lose your money.  Even the bank who took out the loan for you can't help you get your money back.  Go to the State Contractor's Board and get free advice before you hire.  And this means small home repairs too like using a handy-man for small chores.  Most people fall victim to bulletin board advertisers who are not Licensed Contractors and dealing with these con-artists will eventually cost you your money.  Don't learn the hard way.

Clothes Dryer - This device is an energy hog and expensive to operate because it requires a lot of heat to dry wet clothing.  But there is a device you can insert along with your clothes that will save 30% of the energy used to dry clothing and gets the job done faster than what you now do your clothing.  They are called Dryer Balls.  They are rubber balls with spikes on them and they really do work to save energy and they often soften your clothes better than liquid and cloth sheet softener products.  Try the product.  You will save time and money.

Computer Software - you do need anti-virus software.  It is just too risky to be without it.    

Con-artists - to prevent ever being conned it helps to learn how they do it.  Read books about the tricks con's use so you can see how they operate.  Not knowing leaves you at great risk.  Visit the FBI and Federal Trade Commission Web sites for more helpful advice.  Get smart, be prepared.

Doctors - Check the medical bureau in your state and see if the doctor or dentist is being disciplined or has been.  Many doctors are disciplined, so get another doctor, as it is a sign of "incompetence" and that you don't want near you.

Dust - Do you have a dust problem in the house?  Do it find it difficult to wipe up the dust?  I did have a dust problem, but not anymore.  I tried using those dry cloth dust magnets they sell in stores only to find they pick up some dust, but leave half of it behind and often they just smear the dust around on the dusty surface.  Then is wondered if a damp baby wipe cloth would work and behold it did work to my great surprise.  These cloths are damp and absorbent and dust clings to the cloth like magic.  It cleans computer case, keyboard, mouse pad, television remote controls, furniture, blinds ... you name it.  Give it a try and see how wonderful these cloths truly are.  And, the cost is very, very low compared to dry dusting fuzzy wands and cloths.  You'll actually enjoy dusting the home, car, truck, motorcycle and RV.

Financial Independence - People dream of it, work and save their money in hopes of obtaining it in retirement, but most all fail.  Why?  Because they have not learned one very important lesson.  If you want financial independence you not only have to start your own business, you need to develop a product to sell that only "you" have so the rest of the world has to come to you to get that product.  Develop a new product, even an old similar product will do.  What about patents?  You can, but you don't have to file for a patent and pay the tens of thousands of dollars it will cost you only to find out the product idea fails.  Solution?  Just develop a new product and sell it and see how it goes from their.  If it is successful then file a patent, if not move on to a new ideal and a new product.  Women can create a new cosmetic product.  Men can create a new cleaning product for a car, motorcycle or some other machinery to get started.  How to get started?  Search on the Internet for "contract manufacturers" or "custom blenders" and manufacturers already have product that can put you own label on the product.  Imagine that!  Start you new product as a side-line for fun then let it grow and expand until you can kiss your present job goodbye.  See Taking Tax Deduction below.  

Fruits & Vegetables - Is there a product that actually prevents produce from spoiling?  Yes, there is.  The product actually works extending the life by many days.  You will certainly stop throwing food away due to early spoilage.  The product is Debbie Meyer Green Bags.  You get 20 bags to put your food in and each bag is reusable about eight times.  The cost is only about $10, but you will earn that money back quickly as your food is not wasted and ends up spoiled.  Try it.  Made by Housewares America, inc.  Worth every penny you spend on this product.

Fly Killer - Try this all purpose cleaner, Cinch.  Just spay it at a flying fly and down it goes.  No mess, no stains, no poison fumes in the home.  Kills quite instantly.  No swatting or chasing down the fly.  If you can get just a few particles of Cinch on the fly, it stops flying and dies.  Nothing I find works better that is not a strong poison.  Cinch can be bought at supermarkets.  Made by Spicnspan.com  It also, of course, is a very nice cleaner especially on glass and computer screens.  Absolutely no smears whatsoever, no rubbing the glass.  Just spray it on and wipe it off.  You will like to have Cinch in your home.

Furnace - See Heating Bills listing below.

Gas Mileage - Correct tire air pressure, low rolling resistant tires, clean air filter.  These are the three big things you always hear about and for good reason, they work.  But don't forget to get some iridium spark plugs.  They have a brighter spark to increase miles per gallon and power too!  Use regular gas 87 octane fuel if you live above 3,000 feet in elevation as octane requirements are decreased with the lean air conditions.  You'll save a lot of money, hundreds of dollars each year or more! But, if you hear pinging noises when you accelerate hard try using 89 octane fuel.  This works with motorcycles too!  Use fuel injector cleaner every three months.  Try adding Marvel Mystery Oil in the gasoline tank.  It's a good product to clean and lubricate intake valves and upper cylinders.  You can certainly use it in most diesel engines, but check with Marvel first as some new diesels may not take a liking to it (air pollution systems).  Try using an alternative product that will be compatible.  Add a can of Restore to your car or truck gas or diesel engine oil at each oil change. It will increase the compression, increase power and gas mileage.  Try it!  (But don't use it in motorcycles with a wet clutch).      

Handyman - Using a handyman to do jobs around your home can be very troublesome so beware.  It is usually very hard to get them to sign contract agreements so you can't sue them in court easily when they mess up the job or jerk you around for not returning to perform any warrantee work.  In fact, they usually give you a verbal warrantee and honest promises which is as good as beach sand.  Many are not licensed with the local contractor board so they can't be disciplined by the board or forced to fix errors they have created.  Many advertise on public bulletin boards and are shoddy workman.  Some claim to be highly experienced and they may be, but even a contract is useless if they are a fly-by-night handyman service here today and gone tomorrow.  Many have taken deposit money to go buy material and supplies and have never shown up to do the job (con-artist).  Many refuse to get building permits which means the county or city can make you tear it all down due to code and safety violations.  Some people have had to tear out their entire home additions costing tens of thousands of dollars. Just remember these things before you pick up the phone to call a handyman for you stand to lose your money and get a lousy job on top of it all with no warrantee.  When I see their ads I ignore them, even yellow page ads.  Instead, use a licensed contractor and get a signed contract detailing the job.  Even if the licensed contractor messes up or skips town the contractor board has funding to come out and fix the damage at no charge to you. And that goes for seeing large ads in yellow page phone books.  No matter who is advertising always check to see if they are members of the contractors board.  And forget about the Better Business Bureau as they are useless to defend you in any way from shoddy workmanship from their listed members.  You just can't beat being professional about things especially with your home!

Heating Bills - Article explains pellet and gas stoves.  Saves you thousands of dollars!  Most people can and will save a ton of money and do not realize it.  Read this article and share it with your friends.

Home Inspector - When buying a home never use a home inspector recommended by a Real Estate Agent as they will always use one they work with that will almost guarantee the home is passed so the sale will succeed.  In other words you are going to get a poor home inspection and end up paying the price for home repairs.  To make matters worse, you paid for that home inspector to do you right and he was more interested in making the real estate agent happy for repeat business and not make you happy.  Solution: Hire an out of town home inspector who has not done business with your real estate agent before.  You need an inspector who will work hard to protect your interests.  Make sure you are present when the inspection is taking place. 

ID Theft - buy insurance to protect you from identity theft.  You want a plan that hires professionals to restore your credit and fix the problems for you.  Read books and magazine articles about ID theft so you can better protect yourself from the mistakes other people make.  Ignoring the problem is the worse thing you can do.  That will leave you vulnerable to financial disaster.  ID theft will destroy your life, your mood and remove 99% of the happiness you now take for granted.  Get a paper shredder and use it.  And never trust a ATM card.  Tear it up and get rid of it.  Read this Article before you discover your savings account wiped out: Consumer Alert

Insurance - before you buy a vehicle check the insurance cost.  If it is too much money consider buying something else or it will cost you dearly.  Shop around with different insurance companies and brokers to get the best deal.  I have found companies "robbing" people for hundreds of dollars for policies worth half that much or less.  

Internet Addresses - If keeping track of all your important contacts is critical consider obtaining an Internet Address Book that is separated from your computer.  If your computer hard drive fails or it is stolen, lost in fire or flood all of your contacts will be lost too, including all the passwords and usernames you need. 

Jobs - Looking for a stable high-paying job?  Read this article.

Laundry Detergent - Consumer Reports Magazine tests products and then gives the results.  For years now the best laundry detergent you can buy is Tide.  No other product can topple this remarkable product by Proctor and Gamble. Tide Plus Bleach ranks #1 and all the other Tide detergents also rank close by.  Wisk detergent also give high rankings too.  You should subscribe to Consumer Reports Magazine so you will buy the best products.  After all, Consumer Reports Magazine has tested them for you.  Why buy a lemon?

Lost Keys - Imagine for a moment you just lost your car and home keys.  Is there any hope of getting them back?  Nope.  Why?  Because your name and address is not on them and of course you don't want your name and address on your keys so a thief can use them to break in.  Solution?  Ask around the town you live in for businesses that offer a key return service.  How it works:   A plastic key tag is put on the key ring that says, "If Found Please Deposit In Any Mail Box Postage Will Be Paid."  The odds are good you will get your keys back in a few days.  The keys are mailed and it goes to the business who has your address and they call you to pick them up or they will deliver them to you.  If you can't find a business in your town just contact Ace Hardware Web site and join the program.  It is free.  Smith Supermarket also has the program.  Search the Internet and you  may find others.  Of course, once you join and put the tag on your key ring you will never lose your keys, but if you don't you will lose you keys according to Murphy's Law.   

Lost and Found - if you ever find an external memory device (like a thumb drive) never plug it into your computer.  It can be a device intentionally left so it will infect the computer of the person who finds it.  That virus or other executable program can steal the information from your computer and relay it over the Web back to the thief who wants your private information.

Manufactured Home - They perform the purpose of a home, but there are many downsides.  Some contractors will not work on them and can't by law unless they are "licensed" to do so and then those who are licensed charge outrageous labor rates to do simple repairs.  Mortgage discrimination exist.  The banks add on extra interest rates for "risks" and that is a bad deal as your mortgage is now expensive.  They are still built with inferior materials, but they are built strong.  Improper soil and foundation supports and settling will create huge damage to the home so beware of this.  Home inspectors are often not "trained" to inspect manufactured homes and you get a poor inspection that will devastate you with exorbitant repair bills.  Get a highly qualified inspector and check his credentials.  Don't trust real estate people's advice on this matter!  

Mechanical - get all your ducks lined up before you need maintenance repairs on vehicles or around the home.  The best time to find a good mechanic or handyman is when you don't need one.  This way you will not make the wrong call out of desperation and end up with a bum who will perform shoddy workmanship and overcharge you too.  Word of mouth referrals an be very helpful but you need a lot of people saying that person is good, not just one.  Make sure the person is properly trained, licensed and insured / bonded.  If you subscribe to consumer reports magazine you will read articles about these things.

Medical Records List - create a page listing all medications, doctors, insurance company, etc.  Put this page in your wallet.  When you need the information it is right there.  Makes life easier.  Do not password protect the file so emergency personnel can read it, but this does open the possibility of medical identity theft.   Consider entering all the data electronically in an online medical data vault as this is the trend of the future and all you need is list where your medical information is being stored so "authorized" people can access it.  See Microsoft Health Vault for an example. 

Medicine - you can sometimes save money if you ask your doctor to subscribe a larger dose pill that can be split in half to meet your required dose.  The larger dose pill may actually cost less than the smaller dose pill.  Use generic name whenever possible than name-brand medications.

Motorcycles - go to this Motorcycle Advice Page for lots of free advice and save you money too!  Also, see our list of Articles.

Motorcycle or Car Flat Tires - Many people do not carry a flat tire repair kit with them, but they should, especially motorcycle riders with alloy wheels as the flat can be easily repaired.  All you need is the rope type flat tire fix kit and a small portable air compressor that runs off the vehicle battery.  Make sure the power cord is long enough or the air hose is long to reach from the vehicle battery to all four tires.  Simply read the instructions and flat tires will be no problem for you.  Carry a set of needle nose pliers so you can remove the imbedded nail or object from the tire.  Keep a flashlight in the repair kit.  Remember, your cell phone may not work in many areas in the country or it may break or the batteries fail.  Why not be prepared to fix the flat yourself?  I keep my kit in a fork bag on my motorcycle and a kit in my pickup truck under the back seat.  I have tow insurance, but I can fix a flat if need be.

Pain Pills - For over-the-counter pain pills hardly nothing works better than aspirin-free Percogesic (NSAID) coated tablets.  Amazingly, this miracle pain reliever is getting harder to find in retail stores.  Products like Advil and Tylenol and aspirin are dominating the shelves.  When I had a horrific painful back shoulder injury not one over-the-counter pain reliever would touch this nerve pain.  Only Percogesic, which has no aspirin and has no Ibuprofen in it worked.  Magnesium Saliclylate is the main ingredient.  You won't find that pain relieving muscle relaxing ingredient in competing name brand medicine.  If you have serious nerve and muscle cramping pain try Percogesic.       

Pain Salves - try "Active On" product for swelling-related pain.  It surpasses any topical non-prescription pain product on the market.  Even severe bone break injuries and swelling you will feel less pain.  Many over-the-counter pain relief products don't work, despite the claims on the package, but Active On does cut way down on the pain and it has low odor, will not sting the skin or eyes like many products do.  Another good product is called Blue Stop Max developed by a surgeon to stop pain.  Blue-Emu should also be tried, but Active On is better than both.  Blue Stop is easier to apply to hard-to-reach areas. 

Printers - best printer to save money on ink?  Get a Kodak printer.  You'll save lots of money.  If you don't need color printing buy a laser jet printer.  The toner does not evaporate like ink does and cost per printed page is very, very low.  A good brand of printer (monochrome or color) to consider is Brother.  They have all the modern features and their toner prints thousands of pages more.  They also have wonderful color printers too.   HP printers were the best at one time, but they have lost reliability and the cost of their print cartridges are outrageously expensive, however, their prices are coming down and reliability is rising which should not be ignored .  Canon and Epson makes nice high-end ink jet printers for photos.  Check out Kodak (Brother gave me a lot of break-downs) before you buy a printer, you will save a lot of money on ink, but lately the price of the Kodak printers are rising a bit too high for comfort.  Remember, if you print high resolution vector graphics (like the very sharp and fine lines on a dollar bill) get a laser printer.  Ink jet printers can't can't do the job, they smear the lines together.  Stay away from Zerox brand printers.  They are not true laser printers with toner, they often use solid ink and they won't print vector graphics and are unreliable, jam often, locks up and freezes, hard drive failures, random error messages, software failures, tech support nonexistent, unhelpful, etc.  I paid approximately $5,000 for one of their better Phaser printers and it was so terrible I had to give it away for free.  I lost a lot of money on Zerox! Don't make the same mistake I made.  I own Kodak, Canon and HP printers.   I see a lot of people at print and copy shops that could be saving a ton of money if they just bought their own printer.  Printing is not cheap, but personal inkjet and laser printers are!

Religion - There are many religions in the world, but only Jesus of Nazareth saves a man from and eternity in hell fire.  The Bible makes this clear and convincing that there is no other name and no other way to heaven.  That is the good news message of the gospel.  Only Jesus died for your sins and only Jesus rose from the dead.  Nobody else measures up... nobody!  Unfortunately, there are many false Christian religions and churches that are masquerading as true Christianity and they are everywhere and in every church. There are books you can read to help you steer clear of them.  You can start with this Apostasy News page and read Apostate Books.  I wrote two:  The Lost Gospel of John and Apostasy Devotional

Restocking Fees  - Beware!  These fees are rip-off artists path to riches, at your expense!  When shopping in a local retail store look for the restocking fee sign they are "supposed" to post visibly so customers can see it before they buy.  If they post the sign, walk out while you still have your money in your wallet.  Any local business charging restocking fees has bad intentions on you, the consumer.  Another trick?  You buy a product at the local store in town believing you have no restocking fee if you return the item, but if you look at the reverse side of your receipt (who looks at that before the sale, I ask?) you may see a 15% restocking fee.  Now, you did not know that until "after the sale was made" but small claims courts unjustly give verdicts against the consumer, despite the consumer being blindsided and whipsawed by this trickery.  So, the thief business man can legally steal from you and cheat you using the hidden restocking fee notice on the back of his receipt.  That is why you should not do business with these businessmen who habitually have policies to deceive consumers.  Before you buy anything, find out the complete terms and conditions and returns policies.  Most online stores post their policies up front on their Websites.  Make sure you read them.  Look for companies that have "no hassle" return policies.  If the product you buy is defective?  Restocking fee can still be charged.  Unfair?  You bet it is.  It is called robbery.  Don't do business with these theives.

Reverse Contracts - Beware!  You see them every day and they can burn you badly!  What is it?  It's a contract that is given to you after the fact.  You buy a product and the retailer hands you a receipt.  On the back of the receipt in fine print it explains the product returns policy.  Well, you never agreed to those terms and conditions did you?  Of course not, but the lousy court system permits the businessman to rob and cheat people with these contracts when they should be illegal.  All contracts in contract law requires a "meeting of the minds" to consummate a contract.  But these "retailer thieves" have a system that the law turns a blind eye to and give them a valid contract that you never agreed to abide by, but legally you have to abide to it.  Building contractors and handyman repair persons do this too, so watch out.  Get your contract in writing before hand.   How to protect yourself from retailers?  Ask to read the returns policy before you buy anything.  If you don't like those louse "restocking fees" then don't buy the product at that store.  It's the "restocking fee" that businesses earn easy profits by selling you defective merchandise!  Easy money all right, on your money!  

Roofing - Most roofing manufacturers warrantee their shingles for full reimbursement but only for a limited time and faulty installation and wind damage above 85 miles per hour is not covered.  Solution?  Get a separate labor warrantee from the installer.  Have the work done by licensed contractors and by a well established company you know will still be in business years from now in case you need them to perform future warrantee work.  Saving money by using a handyman service will be your undoing.  But no matter who you hire, make sure you have a agency available to help you resolve problems.  The State Contractor's Board is that agency, but make sure the contractor is licensed to perform work on the type of home or business you have.  Some can't work on Manufactured homes.  Don't rely on the Better Business Bureau or the State Consumer Protection Department as both are quite useless.  Even the Attorney General's office won't represent you to enforce consumer protection laws, imagine that!

Roofers - Many of these roofing companies are con-artists hell-bent to rob you of thousands of dollars if you are not careful.  Many roofers skip town while others have policies that are destructive.  You got to get a lot of personal references before you hire any contractor, even if they are licensed contractors.  But beware of the License # you see in their advertisements.  That license may not be a State Contractor's License but just a city business license to fool you.  That is why you don't see in the ad which license it is?  What you want is a State Contractor's Licensed roofer.  And even then, I have been ripped off with shoddy workmanship by these crooks too.  You need to read a book before you hire a contractor to avoid the many pitfalls awaiting you or you can lose tens of thousands of dollars and get tangled in law suit that drags on for years.  Rule #1 never trust any contractor.  Rule #2 everything must be in writing even the materials to be used, cleaning up the job site, etc.  And never hire an unlicensed handyman for you will be robbed or get shoddy workmanship not abiding to building code and there is no recourse for you, no grievance, etc.  And, if you try to sue they just fly by night and skip town. 

Skin Cracking - Have you tried Kukui Cream from Hawaii?  You can buy it at Amazon.com and it works real good too.  I have deep painful paper-cut like cuts in my skin, mostly on finger tips, due to the dry air out West.  Many products do help, but Kukui oil is not greasy like Vaseline and other products and is quickly absorbed into the skin, which is precisely what is needed.  This oil is for people who have dry skin cracking problems including construction workers, sunburn, psoriasis and eczema.    

Sickness Prevention - carry alcohol hand wipes with you and use them often.  Especially in supermarkets and when you leave supermarkets.  The hand cart handles are filthy dirty with germs.  This includes any retail store.  That is where you are getting most all of your head colds, flu and even diarrhea episodes and worse diseases.  When you leave a retail business wipe your hands clean.  Also clean the steering wheel in your car and other knobs and levers you touch.  You will see a much better improvement with less colds.

Shopping List - create a file that lists everything you buy and own.  Include the model and serial number and date purchased, where it was purchased and a phone number.  (also, list the vehicles, vin number as in your "Contacts List" above) now when you want to buy a part for your car or other household item you can refer to your shopping list and know precisely which model and part number you need.  Use the shopping list to record where you buy your favorite foods and the supermarket where it is sold.  No you will know everything you need to know just by accessing that handy shopping list page.  Makes errands easy, less stressful.  Make one huge document called, "My List" and everything is listed in one place.  Now when you need a serial number, part number or whatever, you got it in that document.  This makes life a lot easier. 

Sports - How about taking tax deductions on all the sports equipment you buy!  You can if you treat your game as a business.  Even get a pay raise from your employer each week!  Learn how easy it is with the Professional Sportsman's Expense Log Book

Success - Consider selling a product.  Better yet, develop your own product and sell it.  No matter which career you choose you can always create and sell a product on the side.  Who knows?  It could launch you into a much better life.  At worse, you will earn extra income.  Learn marketing, that is the secret to selling products.  Be creative and give away free samples or free novelty items to attract people to your product/business.  You will see the "free" concept in all the major corporations advertising because it works.

You Can Take Huge Tax Deductions Too - What if I told you could take a tax deduction on just about every bill you pay?  Well, that means you could be saving and earning very serious money.  Imagine heating bills, gasoline, oil changes, new tires, brakes, home and vehicle insurance, home and car repair bills and much more you can write off.  Well, it is true, if you start your own business and the IRS will even help you get started.  Get More Tax Deductions Our book  Professional Sportsman's Expense Log Book will help anyone start taking tax deduction and it does not have to a sports-related business.  The book is inexpensive and tax deductible as a business expense.  Imagine that you do not have to have a business license and doing your taxes only requires the addition of one tax form "Profit & Loss for Business" and you are in the money.  You can lose money for three years and still write off 50% to 100%all your bills.  Go ahead, add up all the bills you pay and imagine if it only cost you half.  Right now you are paying it all and you can't get ahead in life unless you get a business happening, even a side business is okay.  It is perfectly legal and there is no cheating anybody to do this.  It is easy to do, easy to learn and you can begin today, right now.  Get our book Professional Sportsman's Expense Log Book and start saving every receipt and follow the instructions and you will have started your money making machine.  

Tree Sap -  Pine tree sap on hands and tools is extremely sticky and hard to remove from skin and metal. But there is one product that melts it away with great ease.  Just apply sanitary hand lotion, you know the one with alcohol in it, and the pine tree sap will just wipe away from hands and tools.  Try it.   

Tires for Cars - You never know the air pressure in your tires unless you have some fancy and expensive device to monitor tire air pressure.  Go buy some valve caps called "TireWise".  They screw onto the valve stem and if green the air pressure is good, if red, the air pressure is low.  Very handy, easy to see and inexpensive.  Works for cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV's etc.  Hint:  Get the air pressure size that matches one pound air pressure above the maximum or recommended air pressure noted on the tire or on the vehicle's frame or owners manual.  Come with a three year warranty.  However, these products are prone to slowly leak air.  If you have trouble just don't use them.  Some brands are better than others. 

Tires for Motorcycles -  Most street motorcycle riders pay through the nose having their tires changed by the dealership and they also get inferior low-mileage tires in the bargain, or they get a good tire at a astronomical price.  To cure this problem check out this page.

Trapped Inside Your House - it happens and it can mean a slow and frightening death for you or a loved one .  Go into your bathroom or other rooms and closets and imagine if the door lock failed.  Could you escape?  Some rooms have no windows.  Would anyone be able to hear your screams?  I was trapped inside an RV once and I learned my lesson.  The door latch failed and I had no way out, but I did escape from a small roof vent and I was lucky I had a screwdriver to remove the vent.  In your home let's assume you have two bathrooms and a closet that if the door latch slammed closed on any of them by the wind and the lock or handle failed, you would be seriously trapped inside with no way out.  In this case, buy a small flashlight and a screwdriver with a Philips and flat blade (or whatever style is required to disassemble that door lock) and keep the tools inside each of those death trap locations so you can escape!  This is wise preparation.  You may not have your cell phone with you when it happens so be prepared.  Put this on your "to do" list before you regret it.  Another method is to have large hammer stored where you can break down the door if need be to escape, but using tools to remove the lock is less damaging.

Three Lists - There are three documents you should create electronically that will make life easy for you.  They are listed here in this article as Contacts List, Medical Records List and the Shopping List.  Do it.

Travel / Vacation - Stay in the USA, Canada or United Kingdom as these countries are friendly to US Citizens and are not corrupt. Stay away from Mexico, Latin America, Muslim and those Muslim Asian nations like Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, etc.  You lose all of your "rights" the moment you leave the USA.  You have "no rights" and many people have been victimized, kidnapped and murdered.  You can lose your freedom in a foreign prison and lose your life.  There's a lot to see in the USA so consider vacationing right here at home and be safe. 

Vehicle Maintenance - Learn to change your own oil in your vehicles.  You'll save money and enjoy knowing the job is done right with high quality parts and oil that will save you expensive repair bills.  It's enjoyable to do it yourself.  If you have a motorcycle, click here.

Video Games - They are expensive.  But by renting from GameFly the games are now affordable and you can even buy them at half-price or less.  You can rent them from movie rental stores but the price is higher and selection is very poor.  Stop buying games from retail stores and save hundreds to thousands of dollars each year!

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