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Regarding my Vacation Home near Reno, Nevada

1.  Good Advice - Check out our helpful General Advice page.

2.  Pellet Stove Businesses - click here to read an in-depth article on what to watch out for before you buy.  Don't buy any pellet stove unless you have researched the company and dealer and read customer complaints on their websites.

3.  Terribles Casino's in Nevada - Too Numberous to mention.  Just be aware and research where you are staying.

4.  Comstock Hearth & Home (Comstock Energy) in Carson City, Nevada - I had to take the company to court on a false advertising issue.  I won a judgment against them in 2008.  The company fought me all the way to court until a judge had to hand down a verdict in my favor.  My advice?  Go elsewhere to shop.   Click here to read free helpful advice on how to buy a pellet stove.

5.  Mr. Gutter of Reno, Nevada - I had to file a Better Business Bureau complaint on this firm and a formal complaint with the Nevada Contractors Board in 2009.  They installed a gutter system, then when it leaked they avoided fixing it by breaking two confirmed appointments I made with them to fix the problem in a 30 day period.  Eventually, they did fix the problem when the Nevada Contractors Board investigator arrived on site and it was fixed, yet with heated argumentation by Mr. Gutter giving excuses why he does not have to warrantee his work, even when promised in writing on the sales receipt.  I was prepared to take Mr. Gutter to court so he could tell the judge he does not legally have to warrantee his workmanship!  I know which way the wind was blowing and I knew the judge would put some sense into Mr. Gutter's inappropriate reasoning's and justifications.  It would have been a strong educational moment for them in court, for sure!  My advice?  Go elsewhere if you need a gutter installed!  Hire a true professional who really care about their customer and honors their warrantees without delays or arguments.  Who needs this grief?

6.  Handyman Connection - This Nevada business has handyman available to fix things on and around your home, but they charge a $40 fee just for them to come to your residence to give you a price quote.  If they quote high and you don't like it, they keep your $40.  This is a bad deal for the consumer!

7.  All America Door - I wanted a simple storm door installed so I looked in the Yellow Pages and found a large display advertisement of a door company that specializes in installing doors.  I called and when the man, Ray, showed up I asked him if I should buy a Pella or an Anderson door and he told me he can install any kind of door, it does not matter.  So, I buy an Anderson door and schedule for them to come out and install it.  They show up, install the door, I pay them and all should have been okay, but I soon discover the door is constantly unlatching.  Ray left letting me believe all was well with the door.  I come home and the door is open to swing in the wind which could break the door.  So, Ray comes out and fixes it.  I later discover he fixed it by putting a cardboard shim behind the striker plate instead of metal and now the door lock jams and strikes metal when I use it.  Ray left letting me believe all was well with the door.  When I called Ray he gave excuses that he does not know what is wrong, but would come back out.  And, the door is still not closing properly I discover the screws in the striker plate are falling out.  When I call Ray on the phone he begins using excuses, "I followed the manufactures instructions when I installed the door," he says.  So later reading the instructions they do not say to use cardboard as a shim.  I find many moths are entering the home and I notice the storm door is not sealing up tight at the bottom and bottom left side.  I had to call the factory to get advice, talk to Home Depot installers to get advice and they tell me the storm door installation job was improperly performed.  The factory sent me a new Z-bar because Ray drilled the striker plate holes in the wrong place or misaligned it causing all of these problems and I find the door itself is not installed properly.  I can put my entire finger in the lower gap, that's how much the door stay's open. Totally out of alignment!  Now he has to return to fix all these mistakes.  Is this the classic signature of a professional storm door installation or clearly incompetent business practices?  You decide.  I already have made my decision after going through this repetitious fixing of a simple storm door installation and so I recommend you hire somebody else to install doors.  Update:  All American Door did come out to fix the door and made it close much better (only after Ray gave me a very hard time saying the door was perfect when it never was, etc.) then Ray told me he would refund my money, but he never did send the refund and the "cardboard" shim he installed is still in place which is inferior materials to use to shim a door according to the professionals I spoke with.  Is this what you want?  I sure did not want this abuse.  And he does not list his business address in his Yellow Pages ad and he would not give me his business address when I asked him for it.   

8.  Thompson Garage Door Company - I had nothing but trouble with this door company to the point I almost had to sue them. The owner of the company will not speak with you or meet with you.  Yes, he will ignore you!  Is that how you want to be treated?

9.  Dynamic Diesel Auto Repair - They do not give written estimates, do not post hourly labor rates in their waiting room and they will unfairly charge you anything they want for simple jobs.  A simple to install one hour job can be billed to you at $800 or more as I was.  A fifteen minute job can be billed at $500, $250 supposedly as labor, as I was.  You being the customer will never know what the job will cost you until you get the bill.  They will give you a "verbal" estimate which is not close to what it actually will cost and that is why Dynamic Diesel does not hand out written estimates on a routine and customary basis prior to the job being performed as was in my case.  It is a nasty surprise to see the bill ridiculously inflated.   I am not satisfied and appalled with such billing practices.  Read my free Auto Repair Scam article (link is below) from lessons learned the hard way.  Quality of workmanship is also questionable.   I had issues on this with fuel line connections and mechanic not following proper instructions as given in the parts installation instruction sheet and installing the wrong size fuel filter when I repeatedly reminded them to install a 2 micron fuel filter, they installed an inadequate 10 micron filter, yet telling me and leading me to believe they installed a 2 micron filter.  (Dodge Ram Cummins engine requires a 2 micron filter or destruction of the fuel injector pump and fuel injectors can cost $2,000 to $6,000 to replace). Dynamic Diesel also used Teflon tape on the threaded fuel connections when the fuel filter manufacture in the instructions warns not to do so.  For these reasons I have lost confidence in Dynamic Diesel and no longer find them to be reliable and trustworthy.  I suggest that to be certain the correct fuel filter sizes are being installed or you will end up paying Dynamic Diesel thousands of dollars to repair your fuel injector pump and fuel injectors!  I sent Dynamic Diesel a written complaint and demand for refund and the owner of the business did refund my money of the amount they overcharged me, but they included statements trying to shift blame to the customer which is ridiculous.  We agreed on $600 and they billed me almost $900 so I got the refund of the difference.  But what if I had not discovered the wrong fuel filter being installed?  I would have lost thousands of dollars resulting in expensive engine component damage!  After filing a DMV complaint who handles automotive repairs in Nevada the DMV found Dynamic Diesel in violation of state law and issued a "cease and desist order."  So much for blaming the customer for their own blatant violations of law.  Stay clear of Dynamic Diesel.  When a business violates laws they are up to no good.   Enough said.  And if you want to learn some tips read our article, How to Buy a Pick Up Truck.

10.  Reno Cycle & Gear - I had numerous problems with poor quality of repairs and insulting customer treatment.  I had to file a complaint with the DMV and the Better Business Bureau and with Victory/Polaris motorcycles about this dealership.  The did not give me a written estimate or a waiver as directed by Nevada law and they violated the warranty contract by charging me with a bill for $89 for warranty repair which I refused to pay and filed complaints against this dealership.  The owner also made untruthful statements on the BBB Website, yet he was not a witness to the events he claims took place which is a delusional fabrication of reality at best.  I took my brand new Victory motorcycle to this dealer with a written eight (8) itemized list of what needed to be fixed and they found nothing wrong with all eight items after leaving the bike with them for most of the entire day.   I even had a NHTSA safety recall notice and I listed it on my 8 itemized letter and the dealer still did not fix the safety problem or even talk to me about it and they claim they have no idea a safety recall is in effect, which is ridiculous and unprofessional.  They also say they do not want me as a customer as if they have a choice at to who's warrantees they will honor and who's they will dishonor.  Legally, they do not have that choice. As an authorized dealer they must perform warrantee work and all safety recall work.  They violated the warranty contract and the laws.  And if you dare complain about them they will fabricate lies and post them for all to read.  This is totally unprofessional conduct.  I was disrespected by this dealership and put through undeserved hardship.  If you would like the same treatment just go do business with them and don't say I did not warn you in advance.  As for me I will not do business with them and I would not dare walk into their store without a witness present as they will fabricate things taking place that never occur.  Customer beware.  Read more click this link to learn about Polaris/Victory motorcycles and this dealer's treatment of me.     

11.  Sears Auto Repair - You would think that Sears, a national chain, would be respectable business, but not anymore.  I spent $1,000 for new calipers and brakes on the front axle of my pick up truck and I had to keep bringing the vehicle back for them to fix the brakes.  Air in the brakes, brakes not adjusted, air in brakes, pulling to the right, still not fixed, still not fixed again, yet still the brakes not fixed each time I returned.  I discovered that each time I brought the vehicle back for repair nobody would work on the truck.  It just sat there all day long then when I come pick it up even written work orders were not handed to me explaining what they attempted to do to fix the truck.  Business was slow too.  Only a handful of cars were being fixed each day due to the great recession. I once brought the vehicle back after having the wheels aligned and the front wheels were wobbling as I drove down the road.  Sears refused to even look at the truck. They told me, "Take it somewhere else.  If they find anything wrong with the truck we will refund your money."  That response was unprofessional was weird.  I took the truck right away to Big-O Tires and they found the track bar was broken.  They fixed it for $500.  I go back to Sears and they refund my money. What nonsense is this?  So, in the meantime my brakes still are not fixed, they are grabbing the steering wheel violently to the right when I put on the brakes.  I write the President of Sears a detailed complaint about these problems I get no letter back from him.  He has someone from customer service contact me promising the local Sears manager will contact me.  The manager doesn't call me, e-mail or write me a letter.  I complain again.  And again I am told the same thing and again nobody contacts me.  So I write another letter to the President of Sears and I am completely ignored.  What gives?  Sears will not even abide by their own warrantee promises or by law to fix my truck.  Another outlaw company?  You betcha.  Stay far away away from Sears products.  I even now will not buy their Craftman's tools.  Remember they used to have a lifetime warrantee?  Well, when you bring your tool back broken they tell you "that tool is no covered" under warrantee.  They sell you the tool with a lifetime warranty then change the rules and try to shaft you.  That happened to me with my expensive Craftman's torque wrench.  I buy a drill and it breaks and find out it is a Craftman's tool made in China.  Beware of Sears.  They are no longer a reputable company to do business with.


13.  No item 13.

14.  D&D Roofing and Don James Roofing - Beware of these incompetent businesses operating in Nevada.  I hired them for a simple roofing job on my vacation home and they applied caulk that was black and it turned a gross ugly pink in just only 30 days.  I had to file a written complaint to the Nevada Housing Division/Contractor's Board. When they came and fixed the pink caulking/mastic they made the roof of my home look like a slum!  They destroyed the shingles around all the roof vents from sloppy mastic/caulking on the shingles in incredibly wide huge blotches, then slopped on the black caulk in wide irregular shapes totally ruining the look of the home. It looks like a old ugly run-down factory roof, not a beautiful job for a residential home.  I had to file formal charges on Don James Roofing (D&D's subsidiary company) with the State of Nevada Contractor's Board as these two companies intentionally "ignored" my written request for Don James Roofing to return and fix the damage they did to my home.  These people are grossly incompetent and untrustworthy and will perform sloppy workmanship destroying the value of your home and if you complain?  The ignore you.  Do not do business with these two firms. 

14.  Sprint Telecommunications Company - I sent Sprint money each month to pay my telephone bill.  They take the money, put it in their bank account, don't pay my bill then keep the money for themselves.   I filed a complaint to them and they flat-out say it is their "policy" not to refund money sent to them.  Well, this is outright "fraud".  Be careful. Do not do business with Sprint.  They are thieves.  They have an unjust company policy to confiscate your money.  If they do it to you, take them to small claims court and file complaints with the Attorney General's office in your state, the Better Business Bureau (unreliable, but they may help you) and the Federal Trade Commission.   Definition of Fraud:  The intentional use of deceit, a trick or some dishonest means to deprive another of his/her/its money, property or a legal right. A party who has lost something due to fraud is entitled to file a lawsuit for damages against the party acting fraudulently, and the damages may include punitive damages as a punishment or public example due to the malicious nature of the fraud.

 15.  Carson City Harley-Davidson - This Nevada dealership is operating in substandard condition in the repair department.  They downloaded the wrong fuel injection map on my new bike and then told me it was normal for the engine to hesitate violently.  They also told me I did not have to fix the pollution control system when they did not even attempt to even fix it.  I wasted my time and my money with this incompetent and untrustworthy dealership.  I filed a written complaint to H-D Corporate, took my bike to Chester's Reno H-D and they fixed the bike on the very first attempt!  Stay clear of the Carson City dealership.  Go to Chester's H-D in Reno for professional service.  They have a half-dozen mechanics where Carson H-D only has two.  Chester's H-D has more equipment too.  Live and learn.

16.  Michael's Power Sports, Reno, NV - This motorcycle dealership is out of control violating consumer laws with impunity and abusing consumers who enter their store with embarrassing yelling, arguments, etc.  Read this article: Your Rights Motorcycle Warranty - HJC Helmets I would be very careful when dealing with this dealership as they have proven to me that to obtain warranty service as an authorized dealership they will or may give you a very difficult verbal lashing and scolding to frustrate you to take your product elsewhere for warranty service.  They gave me an awful time on two HJC motorcycle helmets.  Read the article.

National Businesses To Avoid

16.  Auto Repair Scam - Don't Be a Victim - Free Money-Saving Article!

17.  Sony Computers - Be aware that Sony Corporation will not refund or repair your brand new computer.  They will claim the problem is a "software" problem and they then will tell you they do not warranty software problems.  So, if you buy their expensive brand new computer and it does not work when you get it home or fails later on, you will be stuck with a pile of junk on your hands!  That's how I was treated by Sony Industries on a new computer.  I was forced to spend about three hours on the telephone with their tech support people who could not speak English hardly at all (from India or Indonesia, Muslim countries) and they never identified why some of the USB slots were not working.  They never examined or tested internal parts.  They, Sony Customer Service Corporate Administration, just claim, "It's a software problem and we don't cover that under warranty."  So, when you buy a new car and some software fails it is also is not warrantable?  It is covered under warrantee, but Sony has its own abominable "rules" and it is totally anti-consumer.  Do yourself a favor, buy any other brand of computer and stay away from Sony products.  They have poor customer support and you will be stuck with a broken Sony device, like having no warranty at all.

"Remember to buy items on credit card.  This way when the sale goes south you will have the credit card company go to bat for you to collect your money.  You can pay off the credit card the very next day. It does not matter if you carry a card balance or not, they will still fight for your refund from the company that sold you the bad goods." 

18.  No Item #18 - Removed by new owner

19.  Power Sports Industry - What is it? It is those vehicle dealers that sell four-wheelers along with motorcycles.  What you will find is they will sell you a new vehicle with a nice warranty, but when things go wrong you then discover the mechanics are unqualified as being not factory trained!  This is a widespread problem with this industry.  I bought vehicles from these power sports industries and ended up with tons of grief from scratching the paint, inability to fix the motorcycle, rude and outright insulting treatment due to unprofessional employees and owners.  Check to see if the business is a valid and active BBB member.  If not, run for the exit!  These non-BBB dealers will not deal fairly with you.  If you must buy a motorcycle go buy a Harley-Davidson.  Stay away from Victory, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, (Triumph is okay as long as it is dedicated dealer and selling no other brands like Harley-Davidson).  In all cases, make sure at least one "factory trained" mechanic is available at the power sports dealership and don't take their word for it.  Tell them to show you the certificates on the wall and make sure that person actually works there!  An employee can leave and the dealer keeps the certificate on the wall to fool the public.  Also check the BBB if the business has complaints on file.  Just because a business has no complaints does not mean it is safe to do business with them, so beware!  Click here to find out Why You Need to Know Before You Buy a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle  

20.  National Rifle Association (NRA) - Avoid joining membership.  I gave them $25 for a one-year membership and for the National Rifleman Magazine. When they did not deliver on the promise they also refused, I repeat, "REFUSED" TO GIVE ME A REFUND OF MY MONEY. They said they have no legal obligation to abide by their own written contract.  I filed a complaint with the BBB.  I filed a letter of complaint to the NRA President and he ignored it.




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