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Red Ball.gif (916 bytes) Are you or do you know a Christian that belongs to the Masonic Lodge?  Are you aware that your pastor may even be a member of this secret society?  Fourteen percent of Southern Baptist pastors and 18 percent of board deacons are Masons. 

  Print and mail them this article because they are serving two masters and are heading straight to hell's fire.  They are also leading others astray; even your own family members may not be spared.


  A Mason is not a Christian and can never be a true Christian.  A Christian can never be a Mason because a true Mason must deny Christ as the only Lord and Savior.  Read on.

  Are you aware the Masonic Lodge is a church of worship?  In every sense it is.  It is religious.  Rituals and prayers are said in these lodges, but the prayers are not to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. 

  Yes, being a Mason you have joined a false religion.  A religion that will not permit you to speak boldly of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to other lodge members.  Go ahead, take the pulpit inside the Masonic lodge and tell the Masons present; "Jesus said He is the light of the world and that only through Him can anyone come to the Father.  Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the only way to heaven, there is no other way.  Masonry can not forgive your sins and rescue you from God's wrath.  Only the blood of Jesus of Nazareth can save you."  You will be severely reprimanded by the Masons if you preach Jesus to other Masons in any lodge.  

  Did you know that in this Christ-less Masonic religion they will even quote the Holy Bible, but they intentionally remove the Name of Jesus from the verse being quoted so nobody will be offended?  That is correct.  The Masons teach that there are many roads to the top of a mountain and all will lead to eternal bliss.  They teach it is okay to pray to any God you want as long as you don't preach that Jesus is the only way to heaven.  They will quote I Peter 2:5 as: "Ye also, as living stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God..."  But you will notice that they eliminate the last part that says, "... by Jesus Christ."  Yes, Masons are praying in their lodges, but the prayers are always anti- Christ prayers.  Jesus is not preached in the lodge because Masons do not believe Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  They believe in another God, and the more they be, the merrier.

  Masonic Christians still believe it is okay to be a Mason in good standing, but they are compromising their faith on a deep level.  Jesus will not take kindly to those who betray Him.  His wrath remains upon those who do not place their full faith in Him as Lord and Savior.  Masons believe in their degrees and rituals and these rituals actually deny Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in one way or another. 

  Masons do not believe in Jesus Christ.  So, no Christian should be a Mason.  If you can't freely speak to proclaim the true Gospel of Jesus Christ then you are submitting to a Satanic system that suppresses the true light of God, Jesus Christ.  You are being silenced.  In the pursuit in the search of light, Masons reject the Light of the World and they cast away the true cornerstone of the Bible; Jesus Christ of Nazareth (I Peter 2:6).

  The Entered Apprentice to Masonry is told that in his private devotions he can pray to any God he wants.  He can pray to Jehovah, Allah,  Mohammed, Jesus or Buddha.  In the Lodge he will hear prayerful petitions to the Great Architect of the Universe by Masons.  As you can see, they worship God in vain by rejecting God's Son, Jesus Christ.  They will even use Bible verses but eliminate any reference to Jesus.  This is the true demonstration of the Masons to suppress Jesus of Nazareth to their members.  Even the Christian members are effectively silenced from witnessing the truth to Masons in the Lodge.  A Christian has no business being a member of the Masons or to support this secret society that denies Christ before its members.  The fact that they pray to other Gods denies Christ.  They seek to appease all religions as being okay to get to heaven.  Everybody is happy, but the truth of Jesus of Nazareth is greatly suppressed.

  Masons seek light as truth so they can hope in a glorious immortality. The Bible says Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, but Masonry rejects this because they teach there are other ways to heaven.  Now, what business does a Christian have with this?  He is exchanging the light of Christ for the darkness of Masonry and damning his own soul.  According to the Bible, Masons will not obtain eternal bliss, they will inherit the winds of Hell's fire for rejecting God's love gift of Salvation in Jesus Christ.  Masons to not repent of sin and do not seek Jesus Christ of Nazareth for the washing away of sins.  So they are lost.  And so it shall be with Masonic Christians.

  Faith in the atonement of Jesus Christ has nothing to do with Masonry.  So, the prayers Masons pray are not heard from the Father in heaven.  They worship God in vain by rejecting His Son.  A Christian know how to pray and to whom to pray to, but when they participate in Masonic ritual mysteries they are denying the truth to conform to the Masonic way.  The enlightenment the Christian Mason will get is darkness.  That is all the Masons can give.  Only Jesus is the light of life.  Read the Bible!

  In the USA you will find a Bible in Masonic lodges, but in other countries you will not find a Bible.  It will be the Koran or some other religion.  The Masons use the Bible they feel will retain membership, any Bible will do.  You will find the Bible, but also the Koran and Vedas as the Volume of the Sacred Law in other countries.  Masonry is not Christian, not by a long shot.  A true Christian can not be a Mason.  It is like belonging to two religions; Christianity and something else.  The soul that is divided shall fall.  Christianity is not a multi-numerous religion.  It is not a mixture of Christian and Muslim beliefs with a tinge of Chinese Buddha prayers.  But that is what Masonry is.  A mixture of religions.  Anything goes.  These religions will all get you to heaven, but this is not true and the Christian knows the way, but he denies the way before men by being a Mason.     

  A Christian has no business being involved with the Masons as a dues-paying member holding a Masonic degree of any sort.  You have denied Christ before men (other Masons) when you become a Mason.  The Bible does not tell us to join secret societies in order to reach the lost.  Jesus instructed to shout the Gospel loudly, not whisper it secretly here and there.  A Christian who is a Mason is not joining this secret society to witness to the lost, but for personal gain; to network among Masons to obtain special "favors" and privileges.  To obtain an "unfair advantage" over others in this world who are not Masons.  To obtain better jobs, higher promotions, make business deals, belong to group of new friends, etc.  You can not serve two masters. - Matthew 6:24

  The Great Architect of the Universe is the God of Masonry and it is not Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus, Father or the Holy Ghost.  It is a God of a demon named Baphomet and most Masons do not even know this little secret.  He is the old God of Baal  worship.  The Eastern Star is an upside down star and is a satanic symbol which the satan worshipper use to import the satanic goat's head of Mendez (god of lust) within the star's symbol.  The Masons are using this upside down star and do not realize what it really is.  General Albert Pike, 33 degree claimed that Lucifer is God and Masonry is a religion  (A.C. De La Rive, La Femme et I'Enfant dans la Franc-Maconn`erie Universelle page 588).

  The Christian pastor has no business being a member of the Masons, in any capacity.  A pastor's prime job is to pastor the flock of Christ not to be intermingling and financially supporting anti-Christ organizations who openly deny the deity of Jesus of Nazareth.  This pastor has compromised his faith serving two masters; Jesus and Masonry.  This pastor will or has taken "bloody oaths" to torture anyone who exposes the Mason's secret rituals.  There you have it.  What true Christian can take such oaths on a Holy Bible?  None.  This pastor needs to get out of the Masons before he corrupts more inside his church to also become Masons.  Church members should not permit such compromises in their church to exist.

  Masons teach that they are searching for light, but they totally reject Jesus Christ of Nazareth as being the light of the world and the only way for Salvation.  The Masons will not hear of it.  If you preach it, you will be disciplined.  Why?  Because it will offend the Jews, the Muslims, the Indians who are also members of the Masons.

  What business does a church deacon have being a Mason?  None.  There is no evidence in the Bible to support a church-member to be a Mason, but the Bible has many warnings not to compromise your faith or be led astray by false belief. 

  Do not follow a false shepherd.  If your pastor is a Mason, get him to quit or you quit going to that church.  Do not compromise your faith by supporting these anti-Christ Masons.  Imagine Peter or Paul or James or John preaching the Gospel, yet attending pagan church services elsewhere.  What if they belonged to a secret society that prayed to many gods?  That hypocrisy did not happen, but your pastor is doing this and getting away with it.  If he is blinded by Masonry, then this blind man is leading you to fall into the pit.  Jesus warned you not to be deceived by false teachers.  Are you heeding His warning?  Are you prepared to wake up in hell all too late pleading for another chance?  Do not compromise your faith!  There are thousands of these false teachers who are Masons in the church systems today.  Is your pastor one of these thousands? 

  Did you know many well-known evangelist have been Masons in our day?  When weak pastors see this they think it is okay for them to join Masonry too.  The process has snowballed into tens of thousands of pastors being Masons!  It is not alright to belong to any society that rejects Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Regardless of the noble cause the Masons may have or the great works of charity they perform, it is still a false religion.  The cults also perform works of mercy and charity, but that does not make them more than what they are.  Salvation is not based on charity or works it is based on faith in Jesus of Nazareth.

  The apostate church member or pastor has no qualms of being a Mason.  They have already so compromised their faith in Jesus of Nazareth and strayed from the truth they are beyond reach.  God has given them up to believe in fables.  You want a pastor to lead you that has taken these vows as a Mason?

bulletAs a Mason, you can not insist that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.
bulletYou must not tell other Masons the Bible is the only true source of light.
bulletJesus atonement for sin must not be preached inside the Lodge.
bulletTrusting in Jesus of Nazareth alone to get to heaven is not to be preached to Masons.
bulletJesus is the light of the World is not to be preached to Masons.
bulletYou may quote the Bible, but you must remove Jesus name whenever it is mentioned.
bulletYou must agree that only Masons are in the light.
bulletNever preach Biblical truths regarding Jesus Christ to other Masons.
bulletYou need not believe the Bible or any part of it to be a Freemason.
bulletNever witness your faith to Jesus of Nazareth for Salvation in the Masonic lodge.
bulletSubmit prayers to the Great Architect of the Universe when you are in the lodge.
bulletBelieve Masonry is the light of the world.
bulletSwear allegiance to the religion of Freemasonry.

  When a Mason comes to be a Mason they need to say that they are in darkness and they have come to the Masons in search of light.  Any Christian that says that has just denied Christ, for Christ is the light of the world.  This Christian has just called Jesus a liar in public view of all Masons present in the lodge.  Even deacons and pastors have spoken this lie for all Masons to witness.  They have denied Christ before men (Matthew 10:33).

   A deacon, pastor or Christian who joins Masonry brings spiritual death to his church and into his family.  Masonry teaches that good works bring salvation, not faith in Jesus.  God will not bless a church led by Masons.  "What communion hath light with darkness?" - II Corinthians 6:14. 

  Being a Mason is like bringing witchcraft right into your home and it lawfully allows Satan entry into your home to wreck havoc. 

  The red fez is actually a shrine to Allah.  In the 8th Century, Muslim hordes overran the Moroccan city of Fez and butchered 50,000 Christians and their red blood is the reason for the red fez.  The Muslims dipped their caps in their blood to honor Allah.  To become a Shriner, a person must swear a Moslem oath to Allah with a hand on the Koran. 

  The aprons worn by Masons are loaded with occult symbols.  It is taught that the apron will bring them righteousness at the Great White Throne Judgment.  The Bible says an apron will not bring righteousness and that only the dammed will appear the Great White Throne Judgment.

  The  symbol of Baphomet is a vertical line with five intersecting horizontal lines, and on each end of these lines is another vertical line that forms a small cross.  It looks like it has eight crosses when it is finished.  It will be seen worn on the hats and clothing of high level 33 masons and highly secret degrees.

  If you still do not see anything wrong with this then why not just bring these mysterious symbols and other religious cryptograms and plant them inside your Christian church?  Do you think the congregation will accept them?  Go ahead and wear your Masonic apron when preaching your sermon.  Or wear your red fez as you lay hands on the congregation.  Go ahead and boldly pray your prayers ending, "We ask this not in Jesus name, but in the name of the Great Architect of the Universe."  Go ahead, deacon and pastor.  Preach to the congregation of Christians whom you lead astray what you really believe in; the God of Masonry.  Do not hide your light let it shine so all the congregation in church can see your Masonic light and they too can be saved by your Masonic teachings.  Why is it that you hide such light from your flock?  Are you a false shepherd who hides your light from your flock?  How many lights do you have, Masonic pastor?  One light of Christ or do you retain a special privilege to have both Christ and the Masonic light?  How many masters do you serve?      

  As you can see, none of this Masonic business is truly Christian or Biblical.  If anything, the Masons blindside their members with what appears to be Christian in the lodge, but what they actually teach is not Biblical at all.  The Christian who is a Mason is playing with deadly Hell fire.  He needs to repent and renounce Masonry and destroy all those Masonic idols he has brought inside his home so God will remove the curses he brought upon himself and his family. 

  There is no room for many gods in the Christian life.  There is no room to bring darkness into the light of the Bible.  Light and darkness does not mix.  Chose the light of the Bible or you choose the light of Masonry.  The Bible has more authority and it says it is the light.  In the Bible God also says there is no other God besides Him.

  A true Christian needs to come out of Masonry or risk eternal damnation.  Masonry does not believe (and it will not teach) in Jesus' Salvation or His deity as Lord and Savior.  It teaches something else.  And anything that does not preach the Gospel of Christ is a false religion whether you like it or not. God says so in the Bible.   

   This article is just one last attempt to save a Mason from eternal destruction in hell.  It will be an awful tragedy to see such good Masons, who mean well, but end up in hell.  Somebody has to warn them.  Let us share this message to the Masons so they too can find the light they so desperately search for. 

  Print and mail this article to any mason you know.  Or, send it by way of postal mail to Masonic Lodges listed in the Yellow Pages of the phone book.  Don't forget to mail one to your deacons and pastors in your church.  They may be Masons and you do not know it.  Remember, it is a secret society and they do not have to tell you their secret; that they are Mason all along. 

  Do not permit these church-leading blind guides to extinguish the light of Christ and take you to hell with them with their apostate Gospel and apostate teachings.  They may still be preaching Jesus in church, but they are likely preaching not the true Jesus of the Bible.  They will teach of a different Jesus and preach a different Gospel.  It may sound similar to the real Gospel, but important elements will be left out.  If your church is infiltrated by many Masons you will have to escape by leaving that church.  

  Come out from among them before it is too late. Today is the day of Salvation. Choose whom you will serve today.  Masonry has no business being in the Lord's church. It is an abomination in His eye. 

  Masonry has a right to exist as it so wishes, but to infiltrate Christianity is not in its rightful place and Christians are responsible for this Masonic invasion into our church.  It is not the non-Christian Masons doing the invading, it is the Christian Masons.  It is our apostate pastors and deacons and other blind church leaders who are to blame for polluting our church with Masonic multi-religion and liberal politically correct beliefs that undermine the true Gospel of Christ. 

  Let us not blame the Masons for this, let us correctly place full responsibility and accountability upon the apostate leaders of the Christian church.  There are approximately four-million Masons, of these are tens of thousands of Christian pastors who are dedicated Masons.  Masons have no business in a Bible-believing church.  They should resign from the church or repent and quit Masonry, but never be allowed to walk both sides of the fence.  The stakes are too high to permit such hypocrisy to persist.  When you have Christ you don't need Masonry - James Russell Publishing.  The author has no axe to grind against Masonry or the good charitable works they do for society, but that the beliefs of Masonry seriously conflict with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and that Bible-believing Christians cannot be subject to two masters.  The Bible says that Jesus Christ is the light of the world and the cornerstone the builders rejected is Jesus Christ of Nazareth).

  End of Article

  PUBLISHING RIGHTS - the article is copyrighted December 22, 2004, but you are granted the right to publish the article herein titled "Christian Masons" in perpetuity.  You must include the entire article as is, with no changes of wording.  That includes the commentary section by James Russell.  We do request you give full credits to James Russell Publishing and to post an active Website link to James Russell Publishing Website.  This publishing right may also be arbitrarily rejected and withdrawn if the article is misused or employed into an obscene or an offensive environment of which it was not intended to be portrayed.


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