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  I am writing this article to all the Christians who are not prospering despite giving tithes to their church and / or operating a personal ministry of some sort.  This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme or a vain promise of wealth and prosperity to all those who bravely step out in faith.  You have been told lies by false pastors twisting Biblical truths and it is likely you have already been deceived many  times over and do not even realize it.  I will speak from personal experience and share the secrets of God's prosperity with you... free of charge!  Donations are not accepted.

  This article does not explain Biblical prosperity promises, but it explains why the promises fail.

  I have many people ask me how come they do not prosper using God's instructions in the Bible.  I will tell you this.  If you think God is going to bless you so you can continue on in your apostate ways, you will find God has turned His face away from you. What?  That is right.  Let's examine this a bit more.

  1.  When God promises something it is better than gold in the hand, it is already delivered to you and if a miracle need take place so be it.  But I want you to self-examine yourself.  There is only one thing God has on His mind and that is He wants the lost to be saved.  So, if you are not saving the lost you can forget about God taking you out of the world's system to bless you supernaturally.  That's right... forget it.    Jesus said if you put the Kingdom of God first all other things will be supplied to you.  So, if you are willing to save the lost you will have the key to God's heart and He will create miracles to help you reach the lost for Salvation.
  2. God does not care about your ministry.  You may have church meetings in your place of business or in your home.  You may starting a new church to grow Christians, but you are only fooling yourself and playing church.  How do I know this?  Because I can tell you that in your meetings you are doing nothing to teach, train and instruct attendees how to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  You can study the Bible all you want, but if you are not actively using what you learn to reach the lost, the unsaved, those absolutely destined for hell's fire, you are not gathering, you are scattering.  Jesus gave a stern warning to those who fail to gather, so beware!  God will not be mocked.
  3. You may even be doing what the Bible condemns to further your ministry.  How do I know this?  If you are begging for money or accepting money from anyone to finance your ministry then you are an offense to God.  Sure, your church does it, your pastor does it and that still does not make it acceptable in the Lord's eye.  He said not to beg for money!  He said the Lord will provide!  Example:  When it come time to pay a tax Jesus did not pass a hat or a basket around to take donations from others.  He set a perfect example.  He sent disciples to catch a fish and they took a gold coin from the fish' mouth.  A miracle was performed.  Today, Christians do not believe in miracles.   They do not believe that God will pay the bills.  Let me tell  you this.  The moment you begin to save the lost you will begin to see your miracles.
  4. Most Christians  do everything wrong because they listen to their pastor and their church and have become "accustomed"  to their earthly ways, not God's ways.  Test this.  When was the last time on your day off you packed up your pockets full of Gospel tracts and went downtown and just left them here-and-there?  When?  Never?  Well, if you will not obey Jesus to go forth and proclaim the Gospel to the lost God will not hear your cries for mercy and deliverance.  Why?  Because when you reach out to save the lost you are being merciful and then God will be merciful to you.  The Bible is full of these promises, but you have not been merciful have you?  Be brutally honest with yourself as God reads your heart as well as your deeds.
  5. Do not say the Holy Ghost of God told you to take a loan or purchase a business.  Not once in the Bible did God make a demonstration of such nonsense.  The voice you hear was not of God.  This may offend you, but the path you are taking will get even more offensive when you go totally broke and find out the hard way that you were deceived by a lying spirit!  I will tell you that if you ever do hear the real Holy Ghost he will tell you to do things that will save the lost.  I can bet you have never heard or if you had obeyed such a command.  You are only hearing what you want to hear.  The Lord may want you to heal the sick and He will tell you to go forth and do so, but He is not going to tell you and give you a secular career choice to be a lawyer, or whatever.  A disciple works to save the lost and do the work of God.  That work is perfectly demonstrated in the Bible.  Go back and see what the disciples did.  They did not play church.  They worked to save the lost from hell.  Are you?  
  6. You must develop a teachable spirit.  You must be willing to learn a new thing.  You must be willing to go back and read the Gospels and start doing what Jesus told you to do.  If you can't obey Jesus to save the lost, then you can't be trusted to larger things.  The problem is  you do not want to save the lost.  You just want to play church or start some other program that does not evangelize to reach the lost with the Good News of the Gospel, so more people each day you delay simply go to hell.  You fail to gather, you scatter.  That is the way God sees it.  Disobedience will not be rewarded.  Your dream will fail and God will laugh at your calamity (that too is in the Bible as a dire promise to those who disregard God's commands).
  7. You honor the Sabbath on the Sunday?  Then you dishonor God and insult Him.  All the Christians are doing it seems, but it is still a violation of God's Fourth Commandment.  You do not honor God's command and you think He is going to bless you?  Get real.  You need to learn how to take God seriously.  When you do, He will take you seriously and create the miracles you need because you will be doing His Will.  You need to read more about the Sabbath day and stop honoring God on Satan's Sun God day (Sunday).  The Sabbath is Friday evening to Saturday evening and it is the same days Jesus kept too.  The Sabbath day was never changed to Sunday by the Bible or the Apostles, but by the Roman Catholic Church. 
  8. You can not serve two masters.  That means you can't serve your pastor and serve Jesus.  You can't obey your pastor and disobey Jesus and expect His blessing.  You can't serve your church and serve Jesus.  I can bet you obey your church and your pastor more than you obey Jesus.  Jesus said to go save the lost, heal the sick, etc., but you are not doing it.  Admit it.  You habitually obey your pastor and your church to attend worship services each week, but you refuse to obey your Lord.  Why do you call Him Lord, Lord and do not what He says to do?  Playing church is going to catch up to you one day.  Perhaps it already has. 
  9. Repent!  Repent!  Repent!  You can not continue your apostate ways and expect God to bless you.  Start now to obey God's commands. 
  10. If you start doing things that please the Lord and make His heart leap with joy you can bet He will do the same for you and all your heart's desires will be yours.  You won't need to beg for money or worry about money.  God will pay the bills.
  11. You were told in the Bible to desire the gift of prophesy but you were mislead by your pastor to believe that prophesy is some prophetic word to foretell the future, edify, etc.  It's real meaning is to evangelize!  Surprise, surprise, surprise.  See how easy it was for your church to deceive you? God should not have to have to use an uneducated man as myself to teach you these things.  Stop obeying your pastor and your church and start obeying what Jesus of Nazareth told you to do.  Otherwise, you worship Him in vain.  You will bear no good fruit and God will cut you down just as He warned.  Your pastor should be teaching you these things. Since he is not, then you must now follow and believe Jesus and Him alone.  Sorry, but that is the way it must be.  The Spirit of Prophesy is the testimony of Jesus - Revelations 19:10.  Also read 1 Corinthians14:1,  2 Timothy 1:10  Romans 14:12, and Romans 1:16. 
  12. Whether you like it or not your job is to be an ambassador for Christ.  That means witnessing.  That means witnessing to worldly people who hate your Jesus, not just witnessing to friends on a golf course once in awhile.  It means you represent Jesus on this earth.  Read 2 Corinthians 5:20.  You may "know" these things, but if you are not "doing" these things then you are the enemy of God.  You are not gathering... you are scattering.  How come your pastor is not telling you these things?  He wants you to believe you are saved, but let him tell you about Cain, Judas and Demos. Let Him explain what Jesus said to those who call Him Lord and do not do what He commands.  Jesus called them cursed and to depart from Him.  That is not being saved and going to heaven! 
  13. Jesus said only those who do the will of His Father will enter heaven.  Attending church services is not doing the will of God.  If you want to know what God wants you to do then read the Bible.  You listen too much to your pastor and you gladly serve two masters with great ease of mind.
  14. Where is your fear of the Lord?  You disobey your Lord Jesus' commands because you have no fear of Him.  You believe He will take you to heaven, but He may send you to hell.  He warned you with His own words, but you "refused to believe His Word."  You chose to believe what your pastor wants you to believe that you are saved and that you need not obey Christ.  Are you kidding?  Who do you think you are fooling?  You can't hide from God's eyes.  He knows you are not working for Him to save the lost.  He knows you are not gathering. 
  15. You must do the work.  You can not hire hireling to do your work for you.  The Lord said you must do the witnessing.  You must bear good fruit.  You must be Jesus of Nazareth's ambassador.  You must get to work.  This may be your last chance.  
  16. Do you really expect Jesus to prosper you when you will use the money to support apostate pastors and ministries?  If you are supporting apostasy God will turn away from your desires.
  17. Read the article, "The Tithe Lie."

  I can't go into every detail affecting you in this article but it has showed you the way.  It has showed you that you shall not beg or borrow money from Babylon or take money from others to support your ministry (actually God's ministry).  To do so is unbiblical and an offense in the eyes of God.  God will pay His own bills.  He will also pay those who work for Him.  The key is "work for Him" not working for your own dreams to come true.  God's dream is for the lost to be saved.  If this is not your dream then you are at dire odds with God's Kingdom.  You can not partnership with God when you are against Him.


  If you want to see success.  If you want to see miracles.  If you want to be blessed by God.  If you want to Work for God here is your first instruction.  This is not a suggestion.  It is an instruction.  If you do not do it then you can stay in your misery.  I am not going to baby sit you or give you soothing words of comfort.  If you choose to disobey God's commands then so be it.  You will face the consequences of God's wrath.  That is your decision and your right as free will.  However, it is foolish to be stubborn, ridged and defiant.  It will get you nowhere.  Many are called, few are chosen because few are willing to obey the Lord's commands. 

  1. Will you dare to go forth and proclaim the Gospel to the lost?  Will you stop your foolish excuses and begin now to obey the Lord Jesus?  Then you must go to a Christian bookstore and buy some Gospel tracts today, now, without delay.  Do not wait until payday.  Just go now.  Buy some tracts, even if it is only a dozen that you can afford.   
  2. Place those tracts into your shirt pocket.  The devil loves shirts with no pockets so get shirts with pockets and fill them with your tracts.  Christians will certainly carry a cell-phone, but you won't see them carrying Gospel tracts.  Now go to step #3.
  3. Go downtown in your city in the daytime and roam around.  Place a Gospel tract wherever you feel led to place one.  Be creative.  Slip them everywhere you can.  You may not like doing this job.  You may not want to do this job, but God is watching very closely and I guarantee you will feel His eyes upon you as of the thousands of Christians playing church YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE PROCLAIMING THE GOSPEL TO THE LOST.  You have just started the journey to enter the Kingdom of God.  This is where you will experience living in the Twilight Zone where miracles happen.  God's eyes search to and fro the earth searching for someone to prove Himself strong.  
  4. Remember to not give away your tithe money to churches or other seemingly good causes.  Be a good steward.  Your job is to put food on God's table and that means to go forth and reach the lost for Jesus of Nazareth.  The churchgoers are already giving money to their churches, yet they neglect to witness to the lost, so don't get involved in their rackets.  Do what Jesus commanded you to do... proclaim the Gospel to the lost and you will be blessed.  You are starting your own evangelism ministry, so keep it separate from other ministries that may very well be apostate ministries not reaching out to the lost except to recruit new members into their church.  Beware of the leaven of the modern last-days church.
  5. Continue to distribute Gospel tracts each day.  Your shirt pocket should be empty each day   God will test you.  Will you easily quit?  Will you persevere even if you never see results of anyone being saved?  Results are not to be the goal,  Obedience is the goal and let the Lord do the saving.  Just spread the word and let Him do the rest.
  6. Yes, you will be the only Christian of thousands in your city distributing Gospel tracts.  You may be lucky and find a few here and there, but you will find that the cult-religions are very aggressive and will be your competition.  You will be a lonely voice crying in a wilderness for God.  You will ask yourself, "Where are all the Christians?" "Why are pastors not teaching and demanding we do this work?"  Good questions.  It will be your first eye-opening to the great apostate church system.  A church system that is very religious, but will not obey the Lord and will not save the lost.  It is the great Pharisees church of the end times.
  7. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest for more workers!

  Now, it takes no skill to take a Gospel tract out of your pocket and place it on a countertop or a car windshield or in a telephone booth, etc.  If you will not even do the simple thing, you will not be trusted by God to do a greater work for Him.  There is no greater work than to save the lost from hell's fire.  Just ask Jesus why He died on that cross... and He will tell you so that the lost could be saved!  He told YOU to go proclaim the Gospel.  Now you are doing it.  This may be the first thing you have ever done to obey one of Jesus' commands.  


  God does not employ failures in His Kingdom.  He recruits failures and those who take on the challenge (bear his own cross) He will reward to success.  If you expect God to give you tens of thousands of dollars right away, you can forget that.  He may give you an idea and that could be used to generate money to buy Gospel tracts and increase a soul-saving ministry (we don't need more unfruitful churches).  There will be no failure when  you work for God.  However, you must be faithful and unwavering.  You must remain (abide) in Him and do His will, not your will.  Your desire should be to save the lost, then to heal the sick, then to bear much good fruit, perform good works.  You will be sharing your faith with others.  You will be saving the l lost and that is going to make God smile upon you.  Sure, you will have up and down days, but the Lord will deliver you from all your troubles.  Satan will come and test you.  God will will save you from that liar.  You are now starting to live in God's Kingdom and you will see miracles happen as you go forth to proclaim the Gospel.  And yes, often you will see an abrupt turn in events that can also be unpleasant the moment you begin to work for God.  It seems the old things must be removed to make room for the new, so don't think it unusual for this to happen.  Just stay with the plan and put God's work first.  In time you will be see the blessings of the Lord come upon you so you can be a blessing to others. 


Yes, you will need help.  Here are a few suggestions I have for you.


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