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Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)This is a rare transcript from a hidden video and voice recorder inside of Satan's boardroom.  It has been proven authentic by high authorities in the government.  Here, you are privileged to witness one of the many daily meetings that take place in hell.  And to think that people thought hell was only a fable!

  A shouting voice is heard, "All Rise" and the congregation of demons stand to their feet.  It sounds like the hooves of cattle scraping a rough wood floor.  A loud clumping sound is heard.  It is the hooves of Satan himself entering the chamber.  The same voice shouts, "Sit down."  More clumping of hooves can be heard as they sit at the table.  Every demon appears different, yet eerily similar. 

  All have grotesque  twisted horns, spit-toe hooves, bright red skin under scraggly black fur, much like a buffalo.  Their faces are so distorted, yet very much like wild animals.  Some appear as goats, snakes, lizards, spiders, and mixtures of these and other animals.  Many appear as space aliens that we see on science fiction television.  Could this be a coincidence?  Satan has six faces that can not be described, but one appears as a blood-thirsty lion.

Satan:  "Good night my fellow wicked spirits.  I assume you have for me principles and ideas from our last meeting.  I want a solution to our problem."

Not a sound is heard.

Satan: "Well, then, I see.  We have a ripe crop of putrid devils stinking up hell with no remedy for the Christian problem?"

Satan's eye turns to one of the elders.

Elder #1:  "My dear wickedness, I beg your forgiveness".

Satan:  "Forgiveness!  You will not speak to me in such foul terms.  Expect no mercy."

  A great explosive noise is heard with the voice of the elder screaming.

Elder #1:  "My night is ruined.  May I leave now?"

  Satan nods a head and the elder leaves appearing awfully sick.  He throws up on the floor.  The room is silent.  Satan's many eyes and heads scan the room.  A young demon stands up.

Young Demon:  Dear master, wonderful father glory be to thy name.

Satan:  "I like this young man.  (everybody laughs) Come, speak.  Be at ease in my presence."

Young Demon:  "Have been thinking about the problem with the Christian church.  We have killed many of them to stop the growth, but they are stubborn and persist.  They grow larger in numbers by the day."

Satan:  "Are you saying I am wrong?  Are you saying this at my table?"

Young Demon:  "No, sir.  Not at all.  What I am saying is that we need to change our focus.  What I propose is let the Christians live..."

Angry Voices:  "Heresy!  Away with him.  Send him to the pit.  I will not hear of this."

Young Demon: "Let me finish, please.  Yes, let the Christians live."

Skeptical Elder:  "And I suppose he will recommend next that they be allowed to attend church?" 

The hall erupts with great laughter.  Fists and claws pound the table.

Satan:  "Silence.  Let the young demon speak."

Young Demon:  "Yes, I propose that the Christians live, that they be allowed to attend church to worship Almighty God."

Satan: "Are you nuts?  Where are you going with this my wicked son?  Are you to wreck hell itself with such ideas as this?"

Elder #2.  "My glorious master of death and destruction, let us not hear anymore of this blasphemy."

Young Demon:  "Let me explain.  What if the Christians are permitted to attend church, but it is a church of our design and our making?  What if the God they worship is not the God of heaven, but one of our own demons, even our exalted master, Satan."

Satan:  "You have captured my attention young beast.  I like this.  Please continue."

Young Demon: "My vision is to see millions of so-called Christians flooding the earth.  Cities are planted with fine and magnificent church buildings.  To the average Christian it will look like their Jesus has prevailed over us on earth and they will believe this to be true, but they will be worshipping another Jesus, another Gospel.  It will be our Jesus and our Gospel.  We will have our own pastors to preach a twisted Gospel that they will certainly believe to be true."

Elder #3.  "Excuse me, but people can get saved all the less.  For the record I am against this."

Young Demon: "Fear not.  Yes, they will be saved. "

Elder #4.  "Stop this, stop this heretic.  What he says is damning to my ears.  My soul is devoured as I listen to this nonsense.  I say we get back to killing every Christian on planet earth."

Satan:  "I agree.  This theory has never been tried and it could backfire on us."

Young Demon:  "You killed Jesus of Nazareth and it backfired on us too."

Satan points a clawed hand, his eyes ready to fire.

Elder #2:  "Wait, I think I understand where the lad is taking us.  He wants to build a church system so Christ-like that the Christians will not be able to detect it is a false system.  I love this plan.  Imagine if we can even get the Christians to sing and worship God, but... listen to this idea; get them to disobey God.

Young Demon:  "That is correct.  We insult God every Sabbath day with devout Christian who sing and worship God in our church, but we do not permit these false Christians to be born-again and we do not allow them to save the lost.  We let them love God, love Jesus, love the Word of God and to love their pastor and their church.  But on the deeper level they are not born again and they worship God in vain and are doomed to hell."

Satan:  "So, that is what Jesus of Nazareth meant when He said on earth that many will go to hell and few will find heaven.  He predicted this very meeting we are having today.  I still hate Him, always will, but He is right on this point.  I give Him credit for that.  I see new possibilities for my kingdom."

Elder #2:  "Oh, my wickedness.  This is brilliant.  Absolutely stunning of a plan."

Elder #3:  "How are we going to get these so-called Christians to follow the plan?"

Young Demon:  "Easy, our pastors will be from the Seminary schools.  We will have our demons planted there to teach false doctrine to the new pastors, but the real fun begins when they graduate.  They will go out to build these huge church buildings by robbing God of His tithe money - ha, ha, ha."

Satan:  "I am impressed with this young demon.  I hate you, my son.  I hate you."

Young Demon:  "Thank you, my wicked father."

Elder #4.  "I am beginning to believe.  I can now see the darkness.  Our pastors will be able to get rich stealing God's  tithe money from the faithful Christian church member.  Wealth will be theirs and that will keep them loyal to our kingdom on earth."

Young Demon: "What is more, every Christian will be led to believe that the pastor must become his spiritual authority, so they end up following the pastor and his church instead of Jesus of Nazareth.  I have worked out this plan so well that not one of these church members will be taught by our pastors to evangelize to save lost souls."

Satan:  "How?  Tell me how this is accomplished."

Young Demon:  "First, our pastor will only preach the nice things in the Gospel and will never preach about hell's fire and damnation that could put the fear of God inside them.  Our pastor will hammer them with pleas for money and that if they do not give to his church, they rob God.  They will be told that thieves will not enter heaven.   This will create a deep fear that they better financially support the pastor or their priest or else."

Satan:  "Or their souls will burn in hell forever and ever and ever.  I just hate the thought of this."

Everybody laughs.

Elder #2:  "Ha.  And to think that those who obey the pastor will end up in hell anyways. They will be taught that everyone who belongs to his church is already saved.  Yes, already saved.  That there is no need to do good works and no need to obey God.  Oh, the trickery and lies this young faithful demon has designed will give me many souls to punish in hell.  When do we begin?  I can hardly wait!"

Young Demon:  "That is the beauty of the plan.  Church members will be led to believe that they are already have a paid ticket punched to heaven and that their name can never be erased from the book of life.  That they never have to repent of sins ever again and God will take them to heaven no matter if they obey God's commands or not.  My plan is perfectly perfect, charming, wonderful and will fill this hot hell to the brim, and then some."

Elder #3:  "And so their names never were written in the book of life because they were really never born again in the first place.  They have been tricked by the wiles of Satan.  Give this young man a billion years of fuel to create a hotter hell for him."

Young Demon:  "We also have many other churches called denominations and we create cults too.  Each will teach their members that their way is the way to heaven.  They will believe their church is the way to heaven so they will obey their church rules and they will work for their church.  But they will never work for Jesus of Nazareth.  They will not read or obey Jesus' commands to save lost souls.  We will keep them so busy with church functions and programs they will not have the desire to evangelize. The lost will remain reserved for hell and create horrible crimes because nobody is trying to save them.  Our evil ones will be having fun doing evil things while the Christians are in church having fun.  Everybody is fat, happy and going to hell."

Elder #3:  "So, if the church does evangelize it is only building up new church members.  New recruits to hell itself.  I see great pains and sufferings in hell's fire.  This is wonderfully wicked and evil.  I want to be in charge of Bible studies where I can steer them right over the commands of God and reveal how they no longer need to obey God. I will show them how to disobey the Almighty One and make them believe they are obeying Him."

Elder #2:  "I want to create great Satanic kingdoms of churches of all sizes, shapes and designs that will dazzle the Christians and I will build additional churches to capture the pagans.  We can win the war with this plan.  We really can.  We simply can not lose."

Satan:  "So what we have boils down to a huge Christ-like church that is controlled by demons of hell.  Where people place their faith into the church instead of God.  Who obey the church and finance it. That praise God, yet insult Him by disobeying Him.  They do not become born-again and do not meddle with our affairs by saving the lost whom rightfully belong to me.  This my wicked heart enjoys."

Young Demon:  "See, the lost Christian churchgoer has no desire to save the real lost sinner.  We will darken their heart so they will not evangelize.  Not a penny of their money will be spent on personal witnessing.  On top of that we will instill a great belief that they are already saved and going to heaven. They will expect God to give them mercy while all along on earth they were unmerciful to those who were lost.  They knew they were going to heaven and let their friends and strangers they met each day simply burn in hell.  They knew God wanted the lost to be saved and still did nothing to save the lost.  The ultimate demonstration of selfishness and hypocrisy that God hates."

Satan:  "I hate hypocrites.  They belong in hell with the liars, thieves, whoremongers, murderers, homosexuals, fornicators, adulterers, prostitutes and drug addicts.  God does not want hypocrites, so we shall appease Him and take these hypocrites from heaven's gate.  I believe God will thank us for our efforts."

Everybody laughs.

Elder #4: "We have created an army of religious self-serving hypocrites.  Christians who have no heart to reach out and save a lost man from hell.  Why that is so powerful.  No mortal man would stand idle and watch a person drown and not toss him a life preserver, but this hellish breed of Christian, they will look and turn their back on the poor drowning soul.  I want to be in charge of the pastors.  Everyone here knows how evil I am.  I am the right man for this job."

Elder #2:  "There is always a troublemaker element.  Heresy seekers.  How do we silence them?  They can ruin this for everyone."

Young Demon: "Our church system will be widespread and so politically correct in man's eyes that the churches simply can't be wrong.  We will tell the lie so often it will be totally believed as truth.  How can tens of thousands of pastors be wrong?  How can millions of church members be wrong?  If you don't attend one of these churches you will be left behind to the pains of hell's fire.  That is what we teach.  That is what they will believe.  We have the keys to heaven and hell so we shall convince them.  You can bet the people are going to follow our plan."

Satan: "Right into my everlasting arms where I will cherish them for all eternity."

Great laughter is generated with applause.

Elder #3: "I particularly cherish the thought of training Christians to not listen to the Word and the commands of Jesus of Nazareth.  This is a devil's dream come true."

Elder #4.  "Imagine millions of Christians attending church services but they can't even save a lost person.  They don't even have the desire.  Now that is what I call great servants to our cause."

Satan:  "I hate the lost and I want them to be with me forever.  I hate Christians and I want them to be with me forever.  I will have them all."

Young Demon:  "We will instill upon the churchgoer that he is exempt from hell.  He will believe that his faith is alive and well when it is in fact it is dead.  He will produce no good works upon the stranger or reach a lending hand to save a lost soul from our hell.  He will willingly be working for us, yet do so unknowingly.  We have tricked him with our false church system that will appease him and throw him off guard.  Then on the day of judgment he will be shocked to learn he was never saved.  We gave him an emotional experience that led him to believe he was saved, but it was only a false conversion."

Satan:  "My dear wicked son.  Your reward in hell shall be great.  You have darkened my soul tonight.  I am in the mood to steal, kill and destroy."

Everyone rises to their feet and applauds, shouting loudly. 

Satan:  "I condone this church system to be the true power on earth.  Go.  Go forth my beloved demons and wreck hell upon the faithful.  Those who believe in our church and in our pastors and priests shall reap the rewards of hell's fire.  Go teach them they are saved.  Go tell them to steal God's tithe money.  Go my dear demons to deceive the entire world.  Blind them so they will not obey Jesus of Nazareth.  Let them obey our new Jesus."

Satan points his clawed finger at Elder #2.  There is a great cheer of gratitude.

Young Demon:  "Wait.  But wait a minute.  It was my idea, my plan. I should be in charge.  I should be the new Jesus of the Christians... it is only right to..."

Satan:  "Silence.  Do  you not know this is hell my dear wicked angel?  A place of misery, torment, gnashing of teeth, full of hatred and deceit.  Do you think for one minute I will be merciful to you?  You are a threat to my kingdom.  Your ideas challenge me and I will have no demon spirit in my house equal to me."

In a flash of light the young demon was no more to be found.  The elder demons left to begin the work that we now see in our church system.  They have perfected their plan very well indeed. 

 Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Are you a member of this apostate system?  Ask yourself when was the last time you tried to save a lost person.  When was the last time you left a Gospel tract somewhere to be found by a lost soul?  When was the last time your preacher gave a sermon on hell fire to impress upon you the fear of God?  Is he preaching that you can never go to hell?  That all is well?  Is he guaranteeing to you that heaven is your almighty right and that your name can never be blotted out of God's book of life?  Does he preach that the parables of Jesus of Nazareth mentioning "servants" do not apply to you?  Does he teach anyone how to proclaim the Gospel to the lost?  Has he taught you?  

  Perhaps you need to step back and take a better look at what you are being indoctrinated.  Examine your fruit to see if you are gathering souls for Christ or scattering souls to hell.  Are you lukewarm or worse, cold as ice, never taking independent or direct action to save the lost each day.  Jesus of Nazareth never said for you to become a faithful churchgoer, but he did command that you share the Gospel.  He did not say for you to support your church and let the sinners go to hell, but he did say for you to go save the lost.

  Jesus went out into the towns to seek that which is lost.  Are you doing that too or are you just attending church worship services each week?  Who are you really following, your pastor or Jesus of Nazareth?  Jesus warned that you can not have two masters.  You will love one or hate the other.  Make the right choice, follow Jesus of Nazareth and do what he told you to do... go save the lost.  Otherwise, you are pleasing in the eyes of Satan for he does not want the lost to be saved. - James Russell Publishing     

  End of Article

  PUBLISHING RIGHTS - the article is copyrighted December 14, 2004, but you are granted the right to publish the article herein titled "Meeting of Demons" in perpetuity.  You must include the entire article as is, with no changes of wording.  That includes the commentary section by James Russell.  We do request you give full credits to James Russell Publishing and to post an active Website link to James Russell Publishing Website.  This publishing right may also be arbitrarily rejected and withdrawn if the article is misused or employed into an obscene or an offensive environment of which it was not intended to be portrayed.  You may conduct a live stage play of this article as long as admission to view the play is free of charge otherwise a 10% gross receipt royalty payment is due to author / publisher unless another written contract has been signed by both parties voiding this agreement herein.  Television, movie or other video or sound recording is not permitted   Contact James Russell Publishing to obtain permissions.  All rights reserved.


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