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Tithing is Old Testament!  The Apostles Never Gave Tithes!

  The tithe lie.  Their is no command in the New Testament Bible to give tithes to a pastor or to his church.  It's true!  A collection can be made to "share" with other church members.  It is 100% unbiblical for tithe money to be taken by pastors to enrich himself or to build church buildings, give to charities, etc. Wake up!  You are being fleeced and your tithe will bear no fruit in God's eyes.  The Bible reveals the truth and you need to read it, especially how the Early Church is ordained to function.  Your pastor is violating the rules more than you know!  Invest your tithe to purchase Gospel tracts to reach the lost and go leave them around town in your daily travels! - James Russell excerpt from, The Apostasy Devotional book.

  It is shocking to learn this, but if you read your New Testament Bible you will never, ever read or even imagine a hint of any of the Apostles giving tithes to pastors or hear of them giving tithes to the enemies of Christ "The Pharisees."  Think about it!

  1. Pastors are tricking millions of believers to obey an Old Testament law and yet teach them to disregard all the other Old Testament laws.  They pull this tithe requirement out of their hat to enslave the churchgoers so they can steal money from God and from God's flock.  The pastors are robbing God and getting the tithe givers to do it too!    

  2. I gave tithes faithfully for many years, until I learned what pastors are really doing. They are distorting the Bible.  They even have the nerve to say their church is equivalent to the Old Testament Temple of God.  Imagine that! 

  3. There is a fabulous book you need to read, "The Great Dream and Apostasy of Christendom Described".  It is authored by a protestant PASTOR that tells the truth and exposes false pastors and the apostate churches in great detail.  Note:  We do not publish this book, but it is so good we must help promote this book as it exposes apostasy in a very powerful manner.

  4. The Great Dream (the great and final apostasy of Christendom, described) The Great Dream... Read This Book!
  5. The book does not only talk about tithing, not at all.  This book is huge and explains many details how an apostate church operates and how the modern pastor-Pharisees lie, distort, cheat, trick and create a false Gospel.  A lot is covered!  Enough to let you see the truth that Jesus was talking about. 

  6. Be aware that most all church-goers are attending apostate churches!  You need to know about this so you can escape from the false end-time church.  You think your church is true to the Bible and to the Gospel of Jesus of Nazareth, but when you study apostasy you will learn and understand just how this sneaky this system of bold-face lies and Biblical distortion is used to enslave you to the pastor and his man-made church.  Yes, it is scary!

  7. You hear pastors proclaiming their church is the house of God, yet the Bible is very clear that God does not live in houses made by man's hands.  Yet you choose to believe your pastor and call God a liar?  Make your decision or have you already sided with your pastor?  Most churchgoers are obeying their pastor, not Jesus!

  8.  The Bible reveals that the Early Church never demanded the giving of tithes.  They made collections of money to share with the flock to help believers in need.  Does your pastor return the money to you? No, he takes it all and gives himself 90% or more of every dime and a tiny portion goes to some worthy cause of some sort to make it look okay, but the Early Church never did this.

  9. The collections of money the Early Church performed was never formulated on the 10% tithe Old Testament.  The Apostle said to give from your heart a measure that you feel comfortable with, but pastors pound into your head to give 10% to him!  This is not Biblical.  In fact, the Early Church never gave money to pastors like Christians are doing today!  They never built church buildings, schools, etc.  Your pastor is not a priest and he has no temple so he has no Biblical (or moral) right to collect a tithe.

  10. The apostate system is designed to confiscate money from believers so they can not operate their own individual outreach ministries to share the Gospel with the lost (The Great Commission ordered by Jesus).  The pastors even destroy the desire to obey Jesus' command to go share the Gospel.  That's why 99.999% of all Christians do not actively share the Gospel of Jesus on a daily basis.  They won't even place a Gospel tract daily.  They do nothing for the Lord, bear no good fruit and they don't care. The churchgoer thinks by giving money to their pastor's church they are serving God, but they are bearing unacceptable fruit that is a stench to the nostrils of the Lord.  Yes, you can bear fruit, but it had better be "much good fruit pleasing to the Lord's will" or your fruit is vain in God's eyes only to be thrown away from His presence.

  11. Every verse in the Bible telling people to tithe is "Old Testament" not New Testament and that means God was speaking to Jews, not Christians.  If you properly divide the Word of God you will see this is true.  When Jesus spoke of a tithe he was speaking to a Pharisee who was under law to tithe.  He was not speaking to Christians who are not under this law, he was speaking to a Jew.  We are being tricked and robbed by denominations crying for tithe money which they spend on themselves and do not give any of the money back to the church members in need.  Pastors are actually earning lavish salaries on tithe money they are not supposed to be taking.  The truth will set you free, if you dare to believe the truth.  If tithing was important to God, he would have told Christians to tithe and he would have given pastors authority to take tithes.  He did not do any of this.  There is no tithe for Christians. 

  12. The Bible never, not once, ever authorizes a pastor to collect, keep or manage tithe money.  He is not a Levite and he will never be a Levite. And, only a Levite is authorized to take tithe money.  That is God's instructions in His Word the Bible. A pastor has no Biblical right or authority to ask or take any tithe money from any of God's children.  The pastor who takes tithe money is robbing you and God.  He is stealing God's money.  He will even tell you that you are robbing God for not giving him your money, but it is he who is taking Old Testament and tricking you to believe it is Christian New Testament Biblical commands.  Read the New Testament one more time.  You will see the Apostles never took any tithes or told anyone to pay tithes.  Many Christians are being duped by these lying pastors.  I was duped and lost thousands of dollars before I came to the truth and was set free from the tithe lie.

  13. Here's the Bible Verses churches and pastors use to entice you to give them 10% tithe payments they are not authorized to do!  I challenge you to read these verses "one more time" and you will see the absolute truth.  Remember, Old Testament is for the Jews, not Christians.  You will see this truth as the tithe was given to the Levites who are Jews, not pastors!  Read on.

  14. Psalm 50: 9-12 (This is Old Testament and for the Jews, not New Testament Christians and there is no mention of tithes at all in this Psalm).

  15. Hag. 2:8 (again, Old Testament and it does not apply to New Testament Christians).  This is only two pages in the Bible and it speaks of building a Jewish temple, not a pastor controlled church building.  Read the entire chapter of Haggai and you will see a pastor is not mentioned, a church is not mentioned and nowhere does it authorize a pastor to take any money from saints.

  16. Deut. 8:18 (Old Testament).  No mention of tithing at all.

  17. Heb. 7:1,2  (New Testament but speaking of the Old Testament).  Read it.  It says Abraham gave a Jewish priest 10% tithe.  This in no way says New Testament saints are to give pastors God's tithe money.  Where does it say the word pastor or church?  It does not exist.  Stop believing your pastor and start believing the Word of God the Holy Bible.  The Lord wants to set you free from the harsh yoke of bondage your pastor has placed upon you.  

  18. Genesis 28:20-22 (Old Testament).  It said Jacob vowed to give God a tenth.  Jacob is a Jew, not a Christian and nowhere does it say Christians are to vow to God to give him 10% and God does not ever command a Christian to give Him a 10% tithe.  You won't find it in the Bible.  You will only find your pastor yelling in your ear lies, twisting Holy Scriptures in the Bible to make you think what he says is true. 

  19. Numbers 18:20, 21 (Old Testament).  Read this and you will see God is directing the people to give money to Aaron and the Levites, pastors are not Jews and they are not Levites!  Also the word "blood" and "altar" is mentioned which pastors don't perform sacrifices or even have an altar in verse 17.  Pastors don't give heave offerings in verse 19, right? They don't.  And pastors are not the "seed" of Jewish Levite decent.  Read verse 21 and you'll see that pastors are not the children of Levi.  In verse 23 it says, "but the Levites all the tenth of Israel for an inheritance..." not pastors!  In verse 24 pastors do not offer or perform a heave offerings so they don't get a tithe or inheritance from the people!  Verse 26 God speaks to the Levites, not pastors.  And pastors don't tithe on their heave offering do they?  No, they don't!  So they don't qualify to take tithe money.  Verse 28 God lays the law down telling the Jews to give the tithe to the Levite, Aaron the priest.  A pastor is not a priest and never will or can be a priest, so they do not qualify to take tithe money!  You need to read the Bible.  One more thing.  There is curse upon pastors for robbing God and it is in verse 32.  Read it.  Pastors don't heave their tithe money they take so they sin and they will die for robbing God of His money.  There is no possible way when you read the Bible modern day pastors can justify taking God's tithe money.  You have been fooled because you don't read the Bible.  You listen to pastors and believe what they say without question. That's how you get deceived!

  20. Lev. 27:30-33 (Old Testament).  Read this verse and you will see how your pastor has lied right in your face.  God is speaking to the Jews, not Christians.  And there is one little verse your pastor does not want you to read.  It's verse 34 and it says, "These are the commandments, which the Lord commanded Moses for the children of Israel in mount Si-nai."  God was speaking to Moses and the Jews!  He was not speaking to New Testament saints and you will notice the Lord is not saying to give money to pastors.  So why is your pastor quoting this verse to convince you to give him money?  He's an outlaw thief stealing God's tithe money and the saints money to boot.

  21. Malachi 3:10  (Old Testament). This is the big verse pastors base their privilege to take God's tithe money, but the verse does not speak of pastors at all.  Read Malachi 3:6 first and you will see God is talking to who?  The sons of Jacob, the Jews not Christians!  And now read verse 12 and God is speaking of the Jews again, "And all nations shall call you blessed: for you shall be a delightsome land, saith the Lord of hosts."  Read it.  All nations will call Christians blessed?  No, the Jews, Israel, not your church.  And the land?  It's Israel, not your church.  Do you not see how pastors are lying to you?  God is not even speaking to Christians whatsoever in Malachi.  And don't forget.  If God wanted you to tithe, then certainly He would have mentioned it at least once or twice in the New Testament and tell us who to give the tithe to.  He doesn't.  Why?  Because there is no 10% tithe to give!  But your pastor has his hand out and shamelessly takes your money telling you it is God's will and commandment, but he is a liar and a deceiver.  Christian, you are being robbed by your sweet-talking pastor.

  22. Matthew 23:23 But Jesus was talking to who?  Jews!  Not Christians!  The Old Testament was still in effect. When Jesus rose from the dead the New Testament did away with the Old Testament.  The rules changed.  You need to read the Bible in proper context.  Rightfully divide the Word of God.  Note also, that Jesus never said for his disciples to take tithe money or to act as Levites.  You won't find any command by the Lord for pastors to take tithe money or a command for saints to give pastors tithe money.  It's not in the New Testament Bible.  Tithing to pastors is a fabricated lie by pastors that rob God.  

  23. 1 Cor. 9-13, 14 Pastors use this verse to justify they can take tithe money, wrong, dead wrong!  Read the verses and right away you will see the word "temple" and again "altar" in verse 13 just like we read in Numbers 18 above.  Do pastors have a temple and an altar?  No!  But don't stop here, read on and you will see an amazing thing.  Paul was simply speaking as an example of how the Jews took money from the people and that he could have, but he chose not to do so.  Read it again!  He chose not to take money from the people!  It's in verse 18.  That is the example Paul is giving pastors too, but pastors twist this verse and they instead "take the money" and that is dead wrong!  Remember, pastors are talking tithes here, but Paul is talking about offerings, not a 10% tithe.

  24. There is some points you need to understand.  Jesus and the Apostles were not tongue tied.  If they wanted the saints to tithe they would have clearly said so, but they never did.  Also, when Paul spoke about giving as you feel is right for you no 10% of your income was spoken of, so tithing was never a subject in the New Testament.  Never!  And, if a collection of money was taken (not a tithe) it was for two purposes 1) to send a minister to go preach the Gospel and 2) the money was to be returned to the saints as needed by them.  The money was never used to build church buildings, feed the homeless, give aid and comfort to sinners or other charities.  No!  Read your Bible.  In fact, the Bible never authorizes a pastor to take any money from the people, period!  A pastor is not authorized to take money and he is not authorized to spend it as he feels fit.  That money belongs to the saints to help them pay for their hardship bills, etc.  So, the pastor not only steals tithe money from God, he steals it from the saints.  Read your Bible and you will see the truth!  The Bible does not lie and it does not try to mislead you.  Now, ask yourself where's the money?  What is your pastor doing with the money he is taking from the saints and where is your share?  And who authorized the pastor to be the money handler?  Show me, in the Bible where God gives a pastor such authority.  It's not in the Bible.  It's another fabricated lie pastors use to take your money.

  25. Many people are being defrauded not just by pastors taking tithe money.  Pastors are now advising, directing and convincing the saints to invest their money in "kingdom work" projects and investment companies and saints are going broke as these ponzi schemes are being unfolded.  Billions of dollars have been lost.  Christianity Today Magazine in the June 2009 issue says the average churchgoer lost $150,000 of their savings!  No small change.  And why is this happening?  People are trusting their pastors and not doubting them.  Jesus warned that it would be the "ministers" that will deceive you.  Take heed of the Lord's warning or you will be next.  If you are paying tithes? You are already being deceived.

  26. I want you all to know.  I too gave thousands of dollars in tithes to support many ministries and I was duped.  But the Lord showed me something was wrong with the church system and He is still revealing to me horrific abominations taking place in the established churches run and controlled by pastors.  He also wants us to come out from these church systems.  Remember, the early church met in individual's homes, not church buildings and they were never "controlled" by pastors like what is happening today.  They have become "masters" to be served.  Wake up Christian and tell others about what is going on!

  27. And don't fall for your pastor's lie when he say's his church is "the house of the Lord" because he is a liar.  The Bible says God does not live in temples made by man.  So who are you going to believe?  God or your pastor?  Who is lying to you?  Hint:  God does not lie.  Your pastor is deceived and he is going about deceiving you and others.  And these pastors get deceived by the seminary schools they attend and that is how the church system gets apostate.   

The Tithe Lie - Here's just some of what you will learn when reading just one small chapter in "The Great Dream and Apostasy of Christendom Described"  book.  The below listings are subjects you will find in the book written by a pastor that sees the great apostasy in the church today.  We do not publish this book.

Most of us have been duped by lying pastors with the tithe lie.  We have been duped by false teachings  1.)  The Mosaic Law never  demanded 10% of everything you earned  2.)  Tithing was never commanded, instructed or observed by the early church New Testament 2 Cor. 9:7, and the Apostles never asked for a tithe, 3.) The Israelites never gave all of their tithe to the Temple.  Yet your pastor wants it all for himself.  He has absolutely zero Biblical right to any tithe 4.)  There is no Temple and the early church never wanted or built one and never told pastors to collect tithe money or to build a physical church of any sort and dare call it  substitute temple or "house of God"  Acts 17:24-25, Acts 7:48, 5.)  New Testament never demands you to pay tithe to any pastor, bishop, church, etc.  The tithe is Old Law works  6.)  Israelites paid tithes once per year on their "'increase" not 10% each payday and they never gave 10% on all they earned, just the increased gain at the end of the year read Deut. 14:22, 7.)  There was no tithe on inheritance!  8.)  The Israelite earned money all year each day and never had to pay a tithe on his daily, weekly or monthly income 9.)  Pastors demand the working man pay 10% on his gross income, but businessmen may deduct expenses and pay only his increase. Still, the pastor robs both as tithing is not required at all .  This hypocrite pastor oppresses the poor in his church for his financial gain 10.)  Your church is not a Temple and it is not the house of God and it never shall or will be 11.) Your pastor has twisted the scriptures to create another Gospel and the great tithe lie finances the great false apostate churches running wild stealing money from the deceived.  Wolves have taken over to devour all 12.)  Matt. 23:34  Jesus was addressing His enemies the Pharisees who were under the Law, not His disciples.  Tithing is never taught or instructed in the New Testament, but today pastors do it to cheat, steal, lie and kill Godly prosperity, plus tithes are not spent to save the lost anyway.  They mismanage the money 13.)  Collections of money were taken to be shared to those in the church in need.  Your pastor takes the money for himself, all of it, yet he has no right to a thin dime!  Read your Bible!  Stop following and believing your pastor! 

The truth will set you free!

Author's Closing Statement:  I still give God money, but I certainly give not a penny to a pastor who will not use money for God's kingdom, but only to build the pastor's kingdom.  I create books and gospel tracts and that money is being used to proclaim the Gospel to the lost by my own hand.  Now I know where the money is going and it is going to God's work.  I was duped by pastors and television ministers who bilked me with their lies of thousands of dollars only to discover them living in mansions.  But remember they said, "Please tuck in a little love gift to share the gospel with the lost."  Well, one television show ministry owns over 250 homes and two mansions in Southern California and Florida.  The family drives expensive cars, and live in expensive homes in the Hollywood Hills, etc.  My money did not go to save the lost, it went into their pockets. 

  I was robbed, cheated, embezzled by these pastors and ministers.  It's like this in the small churches too.  The money is taken and mismanaged and the saints in the church suffer hardships and never see the money again.  Clearly this is not New Testament Early Church examples being followed.  My advice is for you to read your King James Version Bible and then get out of your church and go to work directly with the Lord to share the Gospel with the lost.  Start your own ministry and self-fund it.  Bear good fruit and sound the alarm of warning to expose these wolves in sheep clothing robbing God and His people.  God does not want your money, pastors want it and they have distorted the Bible to create the tithe lie.  God wants you to go save the lost, pastors don't want you to have your own ministry. 

Still doubt?  Read your Bible one more time and see that what I am telling you is way more true than what your pastor is telling you. God's Word is true.  Your pastor's word is untrue! 

You too will thank God for being set free from pastoral bondage!


PUBLISHING RIGHTS - the article is copyrighted June 04, 2007 and July 2009, but you are granted the right to publish the article herein titled "The Tithe Lie" in perpetuity.  You must include the entire article as is, with no changes of wording.  That includes the commentary section by James Russell and promoting The Great Dream book mentioned herein and our book, The Apostasy Devotional.  We do request you give full credits to James Russell Publishing and to post an active Website link to James Russell Publishing.com Website.  This publishing right may also be arbitrarily rejected and withdrawn if the article is misused or employed into an obscene or an offensive environment of which it was not intended to be portrayed.

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