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  This is an article listing many ways you can distribute Gospel tracts, coins, gifts, etc.  Many of the methods are comical and will surprise by ambush the unaware sinner to meet God face-to-face on the spot.

  The purpose of a Gospel tract is to stop people in their tracks so they can read the Gospel.  It is like God stopping them and tapping them on the shoulder saying, "Son, (daughter) it is time we have a little chat.  I am patient, but I want you to make a decision for me or against me right now."

  Sinners are entangled with life's affairs and most churchgoers are too busy not caring for the lost, so for those who believe Jesus' words that we must gather or we scatter these tips will be fun to try and they will bear much good fruit.

  Be aware that you are starting your very own gift ministry. You are giving the gift of God's Word to the lost sinner.  Finance this yourself.  Do not beg others to give you money donations.  God hired you, so let God pay the bills.

  We will be using Gospel booklets, one page tracts, stickers & labels, gospel coins & gift items and even neat things you can do with verse cards.  Just click on the bookmark below to take you to that section of the page that interests you.  


Gospel Booklets & Tracts


Gospel Sticker or Label


Gospel Coin or Gift Item


Verse Cards


Do Not Saturate


We do give tract samples for free.  Click here.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Place mounting tape on the tract and stick it anywhere you can.   Even on concrete walls.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Put a tract on a public telephone.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Tie an elastic band to the tract and place it on tree branches, vines, fences, doorknobs, etc.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)On Sunday many  businesses are closed.  Simply walk around and slip a Gospel tract into the door mail slot.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Leave healing tracts in waiting rooms of hospitals and in magazine racks.  Slip some between the pages of magazines too so they fall out when the magazine is picked up.  Place near the coffee urn.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Place a tract inside the dispensing slot where soda cans fall out on vending machine.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Slip tract between items in supermarket or department store.  Slip one inside a beer container.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Place tracts in the dispensers at highway rest stops.  Place some where they are interspersed in the stack of brochures.  The cleaning persons will normally remove tracts if you put them all in the front where they can be seen.  You can open up some tourist brochures and slip tracts inside and replace them in the rack.  Nobody can then find or remove them.  Only the people who take the brochure will find the tract.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Staple the open end of a tract booklet with an automatic stapler.  When you fling it from your slow-moving vehicle it will fly like a saucer to be delivered to home driveways.  It's time to deliver the Good News!

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Leave a Gospel tract with a tip to waitress.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Place tracts inside a restaurant napkin dispenser.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Leave a tract in a restroom stall where it can be read in privacy.


We do give sticker samples for free.  Click here.

  You know those Gospel stickers you see in the children's section in Christian bookstores?  I bought some and found that if you stick them everywhere where it really gets the Gospel message out. 

  What I found that was amazing is that I would come back to a city a year or more later and I could still find some stickers still there witnessing!  Each day while I was gone they kept sharing God's message.  I have since become convinced this is a powerful advertising tool to reach the lost. 

  Of course, many stickers do get removed, but not all of them and they are so economical.  Even the person who removes the sticker is forced to read the Gospel message! Try it.  Don't forget that you can place mounting tape on the verse card and it will stick to just about any surface.  You can buy it at hardware stores.   

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Stick a label on a public telephone booth.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Place sticker on the handle of a shopping cart.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Put a sticker on a newspaper and soda pop vending machine.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Stick a sticker inside a restaurant menu, a ketchup bottle.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Place a sticker on the door or other surfaces inside a restroom.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)When at a zoo, place a sticker on the placard that describes the animal.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Place stickers on brochure dispensers at highway rest stops.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Affix stickers to the inside of tourist brochures at highway rest stops.  You will also find these display racks in hotel lobbies and restaurants.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Stick a card to a pedestrian crosswalk pole near the activation button.




We do give one gold-tone Gospel Coin sample for free.  Click here.

  You can use a Gospel Coin or another gift item like bookmarks, key chains, etc. that have the Word of God imprinted or engraved on it.  You can find them in Christian bookstores and ask to see their catalog for many more ideas of products you can use to witness.  

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Place a  Gospel Coin in side the coin return slot on a public telephone and other vending machines.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Use mounting tape and stick a Gospel Coin anywhere and everywhere.  Even stick them to hanging leaves of a tree or bush near a walkway. The sinner will find a real money tree giving them a gold coin. For him it will be finding the tree of life.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Place the coin on a step or curb.  That is where people look down as they walk and they find the coin.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Drop a coin inside a beer six-pack or on some can food items in supermarket.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Place or glue a coin on or near a pedestrian crosswalk button.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Always leave a Gospel Coin along with your restaurant tip to waitress / waiter.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Place coin inside a restaurant napkin dispenser.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Slide a coin  between packets of sugar on a restaurant table.  You can also a coin in countertop condiment bins that hold small sealed packages of salt, sugar, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise.  The coins will not contaminate these items.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Drop a coin in the top hand-hold slot in supermarket beer or soda pop cartons.


Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Include a card with your restaurant tip.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Use mounting tape to glue cards to walls, windows, crosswalk poles, even on tree leaves.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Buy some flat glue-on magnets and you have a refrigerator magnet you can give away.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Place verse card inside a restaurant napkin dispenser.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Slip a card  between packets of sugar on a restaurant table.


Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)When you distribute paper tracts it normally is okay to saturate your normal visiting locations, just as long as you frequently keep changing the tract subjects.  Let's assume you keep going to a certain location each day or week.  Eventually the same old people will be finding your same old tracts and they will just throw them away because the read it a dozen times or more.  Rotate the subject matter.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Do not keep placing Gospel Coins or expensive gift items in the same locations as a routine.  Otherwise the same old people will be collecting your Gospel Coins and gift items in a huge jar at home.  You don't want the same people to be finding your gifts.  So, leave them in different places and at different times scattered all over town.  Consider traveling a lot to go to other cities so you can reach more people.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Don't leave too many coins in vending machines.  Just one or two.  Because some people and kids check the coin return slots as they walk by and will take all of your coins if you leave too many.  Also, you will find the same people doing this each day, so they will be the only ones getting your coins and gifts.  It does no good if someone is collecting your gifts and storing them in a huge jar at home.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)You can drop Gospel Coins on sidewalks as you stroll along, but make sure you are not being followed.  Kids will often see you dropping or placing coins and take each one you leave behind.  Take many zigzag routes and enter stores to window shop, take rest breaks.  Place coins like an Easter egg hunt, make them a bit hard to find, but not too hard that they can't be found.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Do not place tracts inside businesses like department store or supermarket too often.  The employees that stock the shelves every night will find most of them.  At first this is good, but if done too often they just throw them away, so you waste your time and money. 

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)You can place hundreds of tract each day as long as you spread them around town.








End of article

  PUBLISHING RIGHTS - the article is copyrighted December 10, 2004, but you are granted the right to publish the article herein titled "Gospel Tract Distributing Tips" in perpetuity.  You must include the entire article as is, with no changes of wording.  That includes the commentary section by James Russell.  We do request you give full credits to James Russell Publishing and to post an active Website link to James Russell Publishing Website and to mention, if feasible, the book Apostasy Now this article references.  This publishing right may also be arbitrarily rejected and withdrawn if the article is misused or employed into an obscene or an offensive environment of which it was not intended to be portrayed.


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